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Can You Get Herpes By Sharing Drinks

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Valacyclovir Tablets

Herpes Simplex Virus

Kidney failure and nervous system problems are not common, but can be serious in some patients taking valacyclovir tablets. Nervous system problems include aggressive behavior, unsteady movement, shaky movements, confusion, speech problems, hallucinations , seizures and coma.

Kidney failure and nervous system problems have happened in patients who already have kidney disease and in elderly patients whose kidneys do not work well due to age. Always tell your healthcare provider if you have kidney problems before taking valacyclovir tablets.

Common side effects of valacyclovir tablets in adults include headache, nausea, stomach pain, vomiting and dizziness. Side effects in HIV-infected adults include headache, tiredness and rash. These side effects usually are mild and do not cause patients to stop taking valacyclovir tablets.

Other less common side effects in adults include painful periods in women, joint pain, depression, low blood cell counts and changes in tests that measure how well the liver and kidneys work. The most common side effect seen in children < 18 years of age was headache.

Talk to your healthcare provider if you develop any side effects that concern you. These are not all the side effects of valacyclovir tablets. For more information ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist.

My Partner Doesnt Have Genital Herpes So How Can I Have Caught It

Your partner could be one of the two out of three people with herpes simplex who have it so mildly they do not realise. So they could have sex when the virus is active. Mild symptoms can appear as a pimple, a little cut or an itchy bit of skin and yet these are very infectious. When people with these mild symptoms learn to recognise them, then they can avoid sex at these times. Another possibility is that your partner does not have herpes simplex and you caught it from a previous partner. It is possible to have a first outbreak many years after first catchin it.

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What To Do If You Think You Have Herpes

Herpes is treatable, but it is not curable. When the initial outbreak clears up, the herpes virus moves into your nerve cells, where it remains for the rest of your life. However, it is not always active and often goes into periods of dormancy.

Even though herpes is not curable, it is still important to see a doctor if you think you have herpes. First and foremost, your doctor can test for herpes through a sample of a sore or your blood, which can help you determine if herpes is causing your symptoms or if it is another STD.

If your test for herpes comes back positive, your doctor can start you on antiviral treatment to help relieve your symptoms and shorten the time of the outbreak.

Once your outbreak clears, your doctor may discuss suppressive therapy, which is long-term antiviral therapy that helps to lessen the risk of passing herpes on to someone else. This type of therapy can also help to minimize the severity of recurrences.

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Herpes Diagnosis In A Newborn Baby

Diagnosing herpes in children is complicated. Children arent screened for the infection. In other words, only symptoms should alert the parent that all is not okay. It should prompt a diagnosis that could be done with a swab sample. Nevertheless, a complicated herpes infection calls for specific tests like a lumbar puncture.

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How Can I Keep From Getting Cold Sores

Cold Sore Treatment Online

HSV-1 isnt a big deal. But its a good idea to try to keep cold sores as far away as possible. If someone you know has a cold sore:

  • Dont kiss him or her.
  • Dont drink out of the same glass or use the same knife, fork, or spoon.
  • Dont share towels, washcloths, or napkins.

If youve had cold sores before, it can be hard to tell what might make them come back. For some kids, too much stress, too much time in the sun, or getting sick can cause cold sores to reappear. Eating well, getting enough rest, and learning how to deal with stress are important things for any kid to do, especially a kid who is likely to get cold sores.

Putting on sunblock lip balm and sunscreen on the face before going out in the sun may help prevent cold sores from reappearing in kids who tend to get them.

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Precautions About Sharing Kitchenware

Youre unlikely to get herpes from sharing a drink, a straw, or a glass.

But youll want to avoid sharing objects with someone who may have another infection, such as a cold, the flu, or strep throat.

Heres how you can help protect yourself from getting an infection:

  • Ask for a clean glass if you get a dirty glass at a restaurant, cafeteria, or anywhere where dishware is shared, such as at your workplace.
  • Clean any surface you plan to use before preparing food in case bacteria or viruses are present.
  • Dont mix chopping boards by chopping or preparing raw meat on the same board as vegetables or other foods that dont need to be cooked.
  • Wash your hands immediately after handling raw meat before you touch any other surfaces or foods, especially if youre sick.
  • Thoroughly clean any surface you used to prepare raw meat or other food that might be carrying bacteria or viruses.

Can You Get Herpes From Sharing Utensils

It is unlikely that you could contract herpes from shared cutlery, but there is no need to risk infection. It is good practice to wash your utensils well and forgo shared desserts until your partners outbreak is under control. The Centers for Disease Control maintains that you cannot get herpes from touching shared items such as towels or silverware.

Typically, the herpes virus manifests itself as genital herpes or cold sores, but it can spread to other areas of the body. HSV-1, otherwise known as oral herpes, is the form of herpes that presents as infectious cold sores. It is wise to keep in mind that herpes is still spreadable without the presence of visible sores.

Any contact with active oozing cold sores leads to a permanent herpes infection..

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How Do You Get Herpes

Oral herpes can be spread by oral-to-oral contact like kissing or by sharing drinks.

The likelihood of contracting herpes from toilet seats, bedding, or swimming pools, or from sharing objects such as silverware, soap, or towels is low, but it is possible, says Dr. Benitez.

While an outbreak isn’t necessary for herpes transmission, herpes is most contagious about 3 days before an outbreak this usually coincides with an itching or burning sensation or pain in the area where the outbreak will occur.

How Is Herpes Transmitted Non

Why Herpes Flare Up

One way to contract herpes without having sex is through kissing. If you have HSV-1, theres a risk of passing it to someone else through saliva. Its also possible to spread the virus if you touch your mouth and then come in contact with another persons bodily fluids.

Indirect skin contact is another way you can get herpes non-sexuallyfor example, by sharing a drinking glass with someone carrying the virus. That said, this form of transmission is unlikely, as the virus can only live for a few days on moist surfaces away from the body .

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Can Cold Sores Be Prevented

There are steps you can take to prevent spreading cold sores to others if you have them:

  • Avoid any direct physical contact with other people, particularly kissing or intimate sexual activities such as oral sex.
  • Always wash your hands if you touch the affected area.
  • Try not to share things like cups, cutlery, towels, toothbrushes, razors, flannels and cold sore creams with anyone else.
  • Try not to pick at a cold sore as this can lead to further infection and/or scarring.

There are also ways to prevent spreading cold sores from erupting again:

  • Try to avoid your triggers. Triggers are different for different people but can include things like a cold , sunlight, very windy conditions, emotional or physical stress and hormonal changes.
  • Take care of your general health avoid getting run down and overly stressed.

If Both Partners Have Herpes Can They Re

When you and your partner have the same herpes simplex virus you will not reinfect each other even on a different part of the body, you will not catch it back yourself on a different part of your body.

If you have caught a genital infection from a partners genitals, they will not catch the virus back on their face.

If you have caught a genital infection from a partners facial cold sores, they will not catch the virus back on their genitals.

And also:

If you have caught it on your face from your partners genitals, then they will not catch it on their face if they do oral sex on you.

If you have caught it on your face from your partners facial cold sores, then they will not catch it on their genitals if you do oral sex on them.

Read more about protecting a partner from genital herpes in the transmission leaflet, free to members. The information is posted or sent by email.

A two-page summary is available.

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Common Shared Items That Spread Herpes Virus

While the herpes virus may be able to live on surfaces for up to a week, contracting the virus via inanimate objects is highly uncommon.

It is most often spread through direct contact with an infected person, such as via kissing or sexual contact.

When someone has a virus, however, it is a good idea to practice good hygiene to prevent unnecessary transmission.

Some common protective actions to take include:

  • Not sharing drinks, glasses, or straws
  • Not sharing utensils
  • Cleaning shared surfaces like doorknobs, faucets, countertops, and remote controls

Get Help From An Online Doctor

How to get rid of cold sores fast: winter health advice

An online doctor can be a great resource for those who have already received a herpes diagnosis. When herpes comes back in an outbreak, you can meet with a doctor using DrHouse in just 15 minutes, and your doctor can prescribe antiviral treatment to help with your outbreak. Additionally, your online doctor can discuss long-term antiviral treatment to help protect yourself and your partner.

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Treatment The First Time You Have Genital Herpes

You may be prescribed:

  • antiviral medicine to stop the symptoms getting worse you need to start taking this within 5 days of the symptoms appearing
  • cream for the pain

If you have had symptoms for more than 5 days before you go to a sexual health clinic, you can still get tested to find out the cause.

Can You Get Oral Herpes From Sharing A Drink

If a loved one disclosed to you that they have contracted the herpes virus, you would want to help support them while, at the same time, protecting yourself from the virus. You might also be wondering if your interactions with the infected person might need to change drastically.

Which part of your daily routine would need altering? Should you stop sharing your towels at the beach? Can you get herpes from sharing a drink?

Do not become overly concerned if you accidentally drank from your partners water bottle instead of your own. While the herpes virus can spread through saliva, it usually dies from air exposure within 10 seconds. There is a good chance that the virus already died before you put your mouth on the water bottles rim.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Cold Sores

Cold sores start with an itchy and tingling sensation usually on the mouth, lips or nose and may form small blisters that crust after 3 days.

Cold sores usually clear up after 2 weeks without leaving any scars. They can be highly contagious, even when the blisters arent present. The virus can spread between people by direct physical contact, such as kissing, skin-to-skin contact and sharing drink containers, eating utensils, towels or toothbrushes with someone who already has a cold sore.

As well as a blister-like spot, the following symptoms are also common:

How Long Does Hsv1 Live On A Cup

5 Stigma-Busting Facts About Herpes

One of the main reasons it is implausible to get herpes from sharing drinks is that the virus has a small probability of life when exposed to a foreign environment. So, how long does HSV1 live on a cup?

When the herpes simplex virus gets exposed to air, it dies quickly. This explains the low probability of viral spread from one person to another. The viruses exposure to air weakens their life expectancy and becomes uncommunicable after a few minutes or hours.


You can follow preventive ways to avoid getting an infection, especially herpes. These are as follows:

  • Always use clean glass. Do this when eating in restaurants or public food stalls.
  • Always wash your hands after using the public toilet.
  • Clean any surface that you are planning to use. It will eliminate the chances of acquiring bacterial or viral infections.

These measures may be small in some ways however, they effectively prevent any form of infection. Lastly, since sharing glasses mostly tackles oral herpes, you should also learn to use barrier methods like condoms to prevent genital herpes.

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Can You Get Herpes From Sharing Drinks

Sharing drinks with someone you know may be an everyday thing youve been doing before knowing about herpes. The confidence you have in using the same glass with a friend or partner is paramount that after learning about transmittable viruses, you are left with a particular question: Can you get herpes from sharing a drink?

Like most myths involving different infections, acquiring the herpes virus through shared drinks is part true and part false. Theoretically speaking, it is possible to get herpes if you share drinks with someone who has the virus. However, medical experts believe that its highly unlikely.

Although herpes can be highly contagious, it is mainly transmitted by touching, kissing, and sexual contact. Direct contact is the most common way someone can be infected. Its diagnosis can also be difficult, as some people do not experience any symptoms.

How Long Does Herpes Live Outside The Body

As easily as the herpes virus flourishes inside the human body, it cannot live for more than a few hours outside of the body .3 The only ways HSV-1 or HSV-2 can be spread from person to person is through kissing, sexual activity and coming into direct contact with an infected area of skin or open cold sore. While it is hypothetically possible that HSV can remain active in residual saliva on the rim of a glass or straw, the chance of transmission is still very slim. So if you accidentally shared a drink with a friend or partner, you should be just fine!

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Could I Pass Herpes Simplex To A Partner If I Have No Symptoms

This sometimes happens but is not likely. When the virus is inactive inside the nerve cells it cannot be caught by a partner. If there is virus on the skin surface where you get your symptoms, it may be passed on.

Before the outbreak begins, there may be a tingly or itchy feeling at the place where this will happen. This means that diagnosed people are less likely to pass it on when there is nothing to see on the skin, because they are usually more aware of these prodromes . Whereas undiagnosed people often ignore highly infectious and obvious symptoms, because they do not know what they are. This is not asymptomatic as you can feel something and you should not have sex at this time.

Asymptomatic shedding means without sensation and a scientific test can virus on the skin when the person feels nothing. This applies to type 2. Type 1 doesnt like the genital region and is less likely to recur and to shed asymptomatically. This happens only in some people, mostly in the first six months. After a year or two, if a person is not having many outbreaks, they will rarely have virus on the skin without symptoms.

Can Herpes Be Transmitted By Sharing A Drink

Ellis Island Karaoke

Herpes is one of those viruses that can be transmitted by sharing a drink, but itâs not nearly as common as some other ways of contracting the virus.

There are two types of herpes viruses: HSV-1 and HSV-2. HSV-1 is the virus that most commonly causes cold sores or fever blisters around the mouth. HSV-2 is the virus that most commonly causes genital herpes. But which of these can you get from sharing a drink? How can you contract herpes, and what are the signs that you’ve already got it? We’ll answer this and more.

Herpes Transmission: How Does Herpes Spread?

Herpes transmission is essentially the act of passing on the virus to another person. There are several ways this can happen. Itâs important to know how the virus is spread and how you can protect yourself and others.

What is Herpes Transmission?

There are two types of the herpes virus:

  • Herpes simplex virus 1
  • Herpes simplex virus 2

HSV-1 is most often spread through contact with saliva, such as kissing or sharing eating utensils, cups or glasses. It can also be spread through contact with sores on the lips, face or other parts of the body. HSV-1 can cause sores around the mouth, known as cold sores or fever blisters.

The virus can also be spread from an infected mother to her baby during pregnancy or childbirth. This is most likely to happen if the mother has an active infection at the time of delivery.

Can Herpes Be Transmitted by Sharing a Drink?

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