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How To Heal Herpes Naturally

Ravensara Oil For Herpes

How To Heal Herpes – Using Dr. Sebi’s Methodology

Ravensara oil has been in use for centuries as a tonic and for fighting infections. Modern studies on this oil have revealed many other medicinal values. Ravensara oil has analgesic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiseptic properties. It can be consumed in oral form or applied on the skin.

Consume Food And Nutrients That Have Anti

It is important to consume foods and nutrients that reduce inflammation in your body. Turmeric is well-known as the agents that cure inflammation treat cystitis. Moreover omega-3s can decrease the inflammation and ease the symptoms of cystitis. You can find omega-3s in many foods like beef cattle, cow, dairy products and wild rice. Another solution is consuming omega-3s as supplements.

Home Remedies For Herpes: Reducing Outbreaks

A number of at home remedies exist to prevent the likelihood of a herpes outbreak. Outbreaks can be caused by a number of environmental and physiological factors such as:

  • Physical or emotional stress
  • Intercourse
  • Weather

To help reduce the transfer of HSV: minimize the chance of an outbreak by getting good rest, reducing stress, eating healthy foods to help your immune system, and protect yourself from harsh weather .

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How To Get Rid Of Herpes The Conventional Way

For most people with herpes, the virus typically represents nothing more than an inconvenience however, the real risk is for immuno-compromised patients who cant easily manage infections. In these patients, such as those with HIV/AIDS, herpes simplex infection is associated with increased morbidity and mortality.

As of 2017, there is not currently a herpes vaccine available to prevent HSV-1 or HSV-2.

Doctors sometimes prescribe medications to help keep the herpes virus suppressed or to speed up healing of cold sores by reducing bacteria that can cause infections. Some medications that are now used to control herpes include:

  • Nucleoside analogues and antiviral medications
  • Creams/ointment to help lower pain and inflammation near the site of sores
  • Over-the-counter painkillers to reduce aches, tenderness or fever

However, its important to understand that even with early detection and prescription medications, either form of the herpes virus cannot be totally cured so transmission is always still possible. Medications for viruses dont always work long term and are not a cure-all.

Oregano Oil Can Treat Herpes

Read A Teaser For Heal Yourself of Herpes Naturally! A ...

Oregano oil is very beneficial in many areas, included the treatment of illnesses. It is an immune system stimulant, an anti-inflammatory as well as an analgesic.

Studies have confirmed that Oil of Oregano, an extract from the herb, also has anti¬viral, anti¬fungal, and anti¬parasitic properties.

A study published in 1996 in Medical Sciences Research, showed that this potent herb fought viruses RNA and DNA .

Applied topically, Oil of Oregano has been found to stop the progression of cold sores very effectively. A thin coating of the oil applied during the prodromal stage often prevents the outbreak altogether.

Maybe youve wondered about how to make oregano oil. You dont have to worry about it because you can .

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Palmarosa Oil And Herpes

Palmarosa, whose scientific name is Cymbopogon martinii, is a kind of herbaceous plant belonging to the gender Cymbopogon. It is also known with the name of Turkish rose.

An essential oil is extracted from the air part of palmarosa which is very used in the industry of cosmetics. It has antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic and moisturizer properties.

Essential oil of palmarosa can be used for the topical treatment of herpes. You should not use the pure oil, dissolve it in some vegetable oil and later apply the blend on the affected area.

The use of the essential oil of palmarosa is contraindicated in pregnant women and people allergic to pollen.

If you are allergic to some herbs you should consult your dermatologist before using the palmarosa oil.

What Happens During An Outbreak

Genital herpes is an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus. You catch it by having intimate contact with someone who has the virus.

In between episodes, most people don’t know they have been infected by it. The virus remains in your nervous system and can be reactivated from time to time to give you symptoms. Outbreaks can occur in the genital area if the first infection was in the genitals. They cause crops of small painful blisters in the genital area and back passage . Herpes can also cause recurrent cold sores if the primary infection was around the mouth.

No one knows why outbreaks occur, although sunlight, physical illness, excess alcohol, and stress are all thought to be trigger factors. They often do become less frequent over time.

Recurrent episodes of genital herpes generally don’t last as long as the first outbreak. They are sometimes preceded by itching or tingling in the genital area. Recurrent outbreaks usually last about 7-10 days, shorter than the primary infection which can last up to two weeks. They are also often milder than a primary infection but as R35506 found, the shallow ulcers left when the blisters break can still be quite painful.

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Bitter Melon For Herpes

The Bitter Melon is a very popular plant in China and other Asian countries because its fruit has a wide culinary use in the preparation of varied foods and the treatment of illnesses.

Besides the fruit, the leaves and the shaft of this plant they are use with medicinal objectives.

The antiviral properties of the Bitter Melon are based on the effects of the protein MAP30 that this plant contains.

The consumption of the Bitter Melon doesnt eliminate the herpes virus, but it contributes to the prevention and elimination of outbreaks.

Among the good known forms of treating the herpes using Bitter Melon are the following ones.

  • You should eat up a Bitter Melon daily as part of our diet.
  • Take 50 ml of juice of the fresh fruit daily.
  • Consume a dose of 5 ml of the tincture from Bitter Melon three times a day.

Real image of Bitter Melon.

Keep Your Hormone Balance:

Dr Oz – Natural Herpes Treatment | How To Cure Herpes Easily

Estrogen will lead to imbalance in your hormone therefore, it makes your body vulnerable to inflammation and interstitial cystitis. As the way on how to treat cystitis, balancing your hormone plays the important role. There are many natural approaches that help you balance hormone such as soy supplement. Some patients also find the relief when they take part in natural hormone therapies.

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Herpecillin And Herpecillin Plus

The Herpecillin and Herpecellin Plus are two supplements bundled in one package. In other words, they need to be taken simultaneously. And when an infected person takes them simultaneously, they can offer loads of benefits in lowering the herpes symptoms.

Like some other effective supplements, these two work like a charm in defending the body from herpes outbreaks. It will provide the immune system with all the elements required to fight the herpes virus. And the ingredients can quickly eliminate the visibility of cold sores and other symptoms.

Talking of which, the formula contains nothing but practical elements. It has vitamin C, zinc sulfate, vitamin E, astragalus, Momordica fruit, and L-lysine. All of these ingredients are proven to support the bodys natural defense system. And they will effectively enhance the defensive power against herpes outbreaks.

Due to utilizing all-natural ingredients, there will be no need to worry about side effects either. And the brand recommends taking each of the supplements during the onset of a herpes outbreak. Also, the unique ingredients, which are generally not in other regular genital herpes medicines, will offer fast results.

Moreover, as the elements will fully support the immune system, you will notice other health benefits. The nervous system will see a boost as the ingredients improve the condition of nerve cells. Also, it will make the body less likely to experience symptoms related to herpes in the future.

Key Highlights

The Gum Clinic Herpes Test

Had sexual intercourse with a questionable partner? Want to get yourself checked? Well, we know how embarrassing it can be to go to a clinic to get yourself tested. But, if you have this home test kit with you, you will not have to go through that walk of shame.

As we have mentioned, The Gum Clinic Herpes Test is an at-home testing kit that features discreet packaging. That means even your delivery man will not be able to know whats inside. And the fact that the company is going a step ahead and offering next-day tracked delivery indeed amazed us.

On that note, the kit will contain all of the instructions. There will be no need to worry about wondering what to do after you get the package. The instructions will guide you through, and you can take the complete test in one sitting. After that, you need to send the sample back to the lab and patiently wait for the results.

This test kit relies on the same principle that different sexual test clinics rely on. It will utilize the PCT and check the kit. They will try to find traces of HSV-1 and HSV-2 in the urine sample. And they will send you the result immediately after they have finished all the inspections.

Key Highlights

  • Deliveries can be tracked pretty easily

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Amazing Health Benefits Of Keeping An Aquarium

Herpes zoster patients experience the eruption of rashes on their skin which are also painful. These rashes appear on one or both sides of their face or body. The hives become blisters which scab in around eight days and disappear within three weeks. Before the hives start appearing, the patient can feel a tingling or an itching sensation in the sports where they develop. Sometimes, it is accompanied by pain. This usually happens around three days before the occurrence of the rashes.

The rashes usually occur in single stripes and commonly on one side of the face or the body although in extreme cases they can be widespread resembling chicken pox. In rare cases, it can adversely affect the eyes causing loss of vision. However, this extreme condition is mainly noticed in patients with a weaker immune system. Herpes zoster or shingles as it sometimes also called can also trigger fever in the patient with chills, headache, and even stomach upsets. The herpes zoster transmits itself from one infected person to an uninfected individual or an individual who has never contracted chicken pox. In the latter, the person may develop chicken pox but not herpes zoster. VZV spreads infection through direct physical contact with fluids from blisters or vesicles. Before the appearance of rashes, there is no chance of infection and same when the hives are beginning crusting or scabbing.

Several Ways To Treat Herpes Naturally

Heal Yourself of Herpes Naturally! A Complete Guide for ...

The hallmark of herpes infection is a blister or a group of blisters. The affected skin feels initially itchy and tingly, then becomes painful and the blisters become filled with a clear or straw colored fluid. The first episode of skin eruption may also be associated with fever, fatigue and enlarged lymph nodes. The virus will stay in a latent state in the nerves and will occasionally reactivate throughout your life, sometimes triggered by sun exposure, emotional stress or a viral infection.

Natural Supplement Treatments for Herpes

The hallmark of herpes infection is a blister or a group of blisters. The affected skin feels initially itchy and tingly, then becomes painful and the blisters become filled with a clear or straw colored fluid. The first episode of skin eruption may also be associated with fever, fatigue and enlarged lymph nodes. The virus will stay in a latent state in the nerves and will occasionally reactivate throughout your life, sometimes triggered by sun exposure, emotional stress or a viral infection.

There are several ways to treat herpes naturally, including Transfer Factors, Monolaurin, coconut oil, olive leaf extract, grapefruit seed extract and vitamin D have been researched and have been proven to be effective for managing herpes and also have an excellent safety profile.

Transfer Factors


Coconut Oil

Olive leaf extract

Grapefruit seed extract

Vitamin D


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Support Fred Hutch Research

The Jerome Labâs herpes research thus far involves only HSV-1, but the scientists are now working on ways to extend their success to HSV-2. The first step will be to repeat their experiments using HSV-2 in guinea pigs, which, unlike mice, experience natural reactivations of herpes virus infections, just as humans do.

Herbal Herpes Treatment Using Red Marine Algae

Red Marine Algae has been included in the diet of Asians for thousands of years because of its highly nutritious qualities. It has also been found to be very effective in fighting herpes infection.

Current research on Red Marine Algae has shown promising results in the control and reduction of the herpes simplex virus. Clinical trials have shown that sulfated polysaccharides, which are abundant in Red Marine Algae, can suppress HIV, herpes, and influenza viruses.

Studies also show that the carbohydrates extracted from red marine algae do not permit the binding of harmful proteins to a cells surface, which effectively blocks the virus from attacking the cell.

The carrageenans have shown to be effective for treating patients with herpes infection. Red Marine Algae can be consumed orally or applied topically to fight herpes infection. Red Marine Algae is considered very safe and there have been no side effects or toxicity reported from its use.

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Orange And Red Vegetables

Orange and red vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that can strengthen the immune system and promote overall health. Theyre also rich in antioxidants, which are often touted as playing a key role in wound healing.

For this reason, youll often find orange and red vegetables like carrots, pumpkins and red bell peppers featured on lists of the best foods for treating herpes outbreaks.

The reality is that while orange and red vegetables often are rich in nutrients, theres no proof that they play any role in treating herpes. Theres also little substantial proof that antioxidants play a key role in wound healingright now, studies claim that the science is in its infancy.

Like most home remedies and alternative treatments, this tactic isnt completely devoid of any merit. Nutrient-rich vegetables are good for your immune system, making a diet rich in healthy foods a good lifestyle choice if you have HSV-1 or HSV-2.

However, you shouldnt rely on carrots or pumpkin puree to speed up the healing process for herpes sores. Instead, make a healthy, balanced diet a normal part of your lifestyle, but make sure you’re treating your herpes with stuff prescribed to you by your doctor.

How To Get Rid Of Herpes

How to Cure Herpes Naturally? Get Rid of Herpes Forever!

If we converse regarding the available therapy options that may you getting rid of herpes sickness, the only thing you need to know about this aspect that natural therapy is the only thing that can help you get rid of herpes sickness. I conscious of the fact that general mainly suggest antiviral creams & medicaments for combating with herpes ailment but the fact that these medicaments have nothing to do with herpes malady. The best thing you can do to get rid of herpes is to pursue holistic remedy. Theres a great list of natural ingredients which could be followed for getting rid of it like Echinacea, honey, tea tree oil, olive oil, aloe Vera oil, cinnamon, liquorice root and many more. These holistic ingredients have great capabilities that can hugely you getting rid of herpes forever. Going with tea tree oil as a natural moisturiser will help you moisturizing your herpes wounds as well as it carries antiviral elements which assist eliminating the bacteria & funguses from the lesion. Consuming honey regular basis can support improving your immune system and a better immune system will help you tackling from this malady. You can directly put Aloe Vera extract on the infected area hence the extract assist you get rid of herpes disease. Certain researchers believe that olive oil acts like an acidic to herpes virus which assists eliminating the virus from wounds.

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What Causes Cold Sores

The Herpes simplex virus-1 causes cold sores. In a similar manner to the chickenpox virus, HSV lives in a nerve with branches to the skin. Small amounts of it are constantly in the skin, even if there is not a visible lesion, says Tsippora Shainhouse, MD, FAAD, a dermatologist at SkinSafe Dermatology and Skin Care.

There are two versions of HSV:

  • HSV-1 usually refers to cold sores of the mouth, though it can be transmitted to the genitals via oral sex. HSV-1, or oral herpes, is incredibly common, with an estimated 50% to 80% of adults carrying the virus in the US.
  • HSV-2 is genital herpes. This is far less common, and about 17% of Americans aged 14 to 49 have HSV-2. Just because you have cold sores on your mouth, or HSV-1, does not mean you are more likely to get HSV-2.

Cold sores are tiny, recurring fluid-filled blisters. “Many people feel itching, burning or tingling around the lips for a day or so before a small, hard, painful spot appears and blisters erupt,” says Chun Tang, MRCGP/DFFP, a general practitioner at Pall Mall Medical in the UK. To resolve a cold sore as quickly as possible, you should begin treating it as soon as you feel tingling on or around your lips.

Most cold sores should not require visiting a doctor, as they will go away on their own within two to three weeks. However, if you regularly get cold sores, these six home remedies may speed up the healing process. It’s important to note that the effectiveness of home remedies will vary from person to person.

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