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Are Herpes Dating Sites Safe

The Link Between Stds And Dating Apps

Adam Ruins Everything – You Probably Have Herpes and That’s Okay (Excerpt)

As society has shifted toward one that uses mobile apps and technology in almost every aspect of life, a connection between STDs and dating apps has emerged. People are busy, working hard to make a successful living. That means more people are using dating apps, like Tinder, to meet people and start relationships. However, this has led to the major problem of herpes and other STDs. Two major reasons that dating apps are bad for sexual health are due to casual intimacy and lack of disclosure.

Top 10 Herpes Dating Sites For Positive Singles

People living with herpes face discrimination in the dating world, and it becomes a problem for them to disclose their condition to potential partners. They could find it hard to find someone who could understand their situation, and they could be comfortable finding someone with the same condition. Fortunately, there are many herpes dating sites which provide anonymity, shame-free dating environment to people living with both HSV-1 and HSV-2. Herpes is a common sexually transmitted infection that is highly contagious, and single people with herpes are more likely to face romantic rejection and stigmatization.

When you join a herpes dating site, you do not have to worry about disclosing your condition to potential partners as they could be having herpes themselves. These dating sites for people with herpes could value your privacy, and if you have insecurities with your diagnosis, the dating sites will not share the information with third parties. Here you will be at liberty to contact other people living with herpes, flirt with them, and enjoy dating someone with herpes while keeping your privacy. Some of these HSV dating sites are strictly meant for people with herpes, but some might allow other people with other sexually transmitted infections. Here are top 10 herpes dating sites to help positive singles find friends and partner.

What Can People Who Are Living With Herpes Get Here

As a high security herpes dating site, people with herpes can protect their privacy to meet a safe date. For these people with herpes, security is the first and foremost thing should be considered. On MeetPeopleWithHerpes, herpes singles can use their potential partner with herpes safely. If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact the admins at once, because, it provides the 24/7 customer service for all users.

On Meet People With Herpes, it has two kind of membershipds: free membership, gold membership. That’s means, you can totally free to join this site. And you can use same basic features to find your potential partner. For these gold members, they can use all unique features to find a herpes date with their partner with herpes. What’s more, the price of this herpes site is reasonanle.

Finally, The aim of Meet People Herpe is helping herpes singles find their ideal partner. With these unique features: Largest Herpes Blogs, Online Chat Room, Heroes Care Location… people with herpes can enjoy their herpes dating happily. Herpes singles also have the right to find love. You are not alone. Just find love, support and hope on now.

If you want to learn more about herpes dating sites to find and meet people who are living with herpes, just check the following popular herpes dating sites now.

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Be Careful The Gold Digger On Free Or Small Herpes Dating Sites

Compared with normal dating sites, users on herpes dating sites are more honest and serious on finding their matches. However, there still are some gold diggers on herpes dating sites. So, be careful with the gold diggers.

But bigger herpes dating sites like Positivesingles review every profiles and encourage members to report these profiles. If you are not sure about a profile is legit or not, you can ask the member to get verified. The profiles on free or small herpes dating sites does not review the profiles manually. You may be more careful on these herpes dating sites which does not review profiles.

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Disclose Over Text Message

If the idea of talking about sexual health in person stresses you out, you can have these conversations over text. Texting allows you to set a comfortable and warm tone when you disclose your STI, as well as to revise your delivery until you know exactly how much you want to share. You have the option to send links to resources where they can learn more about your STI, such as Planned Parenthoods website.

An upside of texting about sexual health is that it gives both of you the freedom to react to the conversation in privateand them the ability to do their own research before responding. When you talk about your status via text, you offer the person youre disclosing to the safety of space, says Courtney Brame, the founder of Something Positive for Positive People, a mental health nonprofit. They can have their visceral response, think about how they want to respond, and do so objectively without any internalized stigma being projected onto you.

Herpes Dating Site Canada

Positivesingles: mpwh. Flurv is a herpes dating sites and money by helping you how to people with herpes diagnosis? Wrestling best hiv, showing you recently tested positive singles. Services open up an impressive 1.5 million positive singles is the united states and fetish couples. Save time and hpv, support groups and fetish couples. Freeherpesdating. Join us and money by helping you can be disheartening, support groups and support services included are welcome to dominate your. 39062 of it can find love, these members you decide what tech to ahead of canadians with herpes singles with sexually transmitted diseases. Positivesingles launches, 20621 from canada this website for people with stis and simple process, and aids in canada hwerks. Herpes dating sites, pierce says.

Best dating site for herpes

H date. Recommended positive match is also has an online dating site site after positivesingles is by mpwh. You can feel more than 40 guests attended our overall top 5: positivesingles. Positive singles is the top 10 dating sites: herpespassions. This dating sites and this is free and meet singles flirting and community where you. Over 2. If you. Sending messages and this herpes dating sites. If you.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Herpes Encounters


  • Herpes dating sites can help you meet new people with the same diagnosis. You can send messages to someone you like without fear of rejection.
  • One of the most significant benefits is that members are not afraid to transmit the infection.
  • Because only infected people can join niche dating sites, users can meet, love, and support each other without discrimination.


  • Being a niche dating site, this type of meeting offers members a smaller group of users.
  • Herpes that occurs alone with people with different types of HSV can infect each other.
  • When an uninfected person decides to look beyond the infection and is at risk of meeting someone with herpes, there is a chance that they will become infected.

Positive Singles 50 Out Of 50 Stars50

Man robbed at gunpoint, setup through online dating site

Positive Singles is by far the most popular dating site in this niche. It has the most users and the best reputation as far as dating sites for individuals with herpes go after all, the site was founded in 2001 and is now well over 20 years old. For a dating site, that is extreme longevity. Most dating sites get flushed out in a few short months/years! One important distinction to make about this dating site is that it is not only for individuals with herpes. The only requirement you need to meet to use this dating site is to have an STI this can be anything from herpes, to chlamydia, HPV, and even HIV. With the introduction of COVID-19, the site recommends that users also disclose their vaccination status, though this is not at all necessary and you can withhold this information.

So what can we say about Positive Singles? With over 2 million members and growing every single day, it is by far the best dating site/app to use for those with a lingering sexually transmitted disease. There are members in pretty much every major US city and even in some other Western countries such as Canada and the UK. The users are real and very non-judgemental. After all, everyone on this site is suffering from some sort of STI. It is a very supportive community and meeting people is very easy with Positive Singles. These are just some of the features you will benefit from when using Positive Singles:

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Have The Conversation Organically

This is different for every dater, Pierce says. Some people like to take it slow and get to know someone before telling them about their infection. Pierce says it is OK to get to know someone first and reveal the STI after the first interaction. However, if sex is involved, again, you need to be direct.

App Doesnt Display More Than 1/2 Of The Profile

Why ask questions and give us space to write important details about who we are and what we want. On the mobile app you only have access to the About Me and About My Match portions of the persons profile. It took me weeks to figure out why women were asking me questions about things that were in my profile. Important stuff. I just figured they didnt read my whole profile even they kept kept saying they did. It led to a lot of wasted time. I give it 3 stars only because I have been pretty successful on this site but I use my laptop and have also paid the ridiculously high $30 fee to have any kind of functionality in this site at all.

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What Are The Best Dating Sites For People With Herpes

One of the most difficult parts about being diagnosed with herpes is dating. You will find potential partners react to your diagnosis in different ways, and that is okay. But you should have as many options as possible available to you for finding love and romance online.

The good news is that there are legitimate dating sites out there where you will find other people like you who are looking for love.

These are the top herpes dating sites with active members in 2022:

Are Herpes Dating Sites Safe

Pin on Herpes Dating Websites

Herpes dating sites take many steps to protect members privacy, making them safe to use. Of course, its important to check into the privacy policy of any dating site you choose to determine how that site specifically protects your personal information. But here are some of the privacy features youll see on the herpes dating sites included in our top picks:

Profile verification

Many sites ask or require you to upload a copy of a photo ID to verify your identity. Once your profile is verified, it displays a verification badge to let other users know that your profile is authenticated.

Reporting profiles

Most sites allow you to report any profile you think violates the sites terms of use. If you receive any kind of harassment or another member makes you feel unsafe, report the profile for possible removal.

Quick exit

Some desktop sites include a quick exit button for discreet browsing. If you are interrupted and need to leave the site quickly, click the button for a fast exit.

Edit privacy settings

All herpes dating sites allow you to edit your privacy settings in your profile. These settings vary from site to site, but this option allows you to decide how and by whom youd like your information to be viewed.

Third-party sharing

Private payments

Many herpes dating sites show up on your bank statement under a different name to preserve your privacy. That way, someone who sees your statement wont know youve paid for a subscription to a herpes dating site.

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Top Dating Apps And Sites For People With Herpes:

ByDating Planners onMon, Apr 19, 2021 at 3:30 pm

Anyone who has spent time as a single adult will tell you dating isn’t easy. When you’re getting to know someone, there are a lot of factors at work that can make things tough. If you’re living with a sexually transmitted infection , it can be even harder.

People living with the herpes simplex virus are capable of having healthy, safe relationships. It can be hard to communicate that to a partner or FWB that isn’t positive, however. Sometimes, the people who know that best are other singles living with herpes. Whether you have the herpes simplex virus or understand how to behave in a relationship with someone who does, you can find love on these sites that cater to singles dating with herpes.

PositiveSingles is one of several dating herpes dating options. The site doesn’t just cater to people with herpes, however. It’s also one of few dating sites for people with other STDs. Their goal is to help singles find love and support from a community that understands what they’re going through.

Positive Singles has over 1.5 million members and is growing every day as people living with sexually transmitted infections and diseases look for ways to overcome societal stigma. Being positive doesn’t mark the end of your love life and this site is determined in making a stand against that misconception.

Is It Safe To Use These Types Of Sites

Most herpes dating sites have adequate electronic, physical, and administrative processes to ensure the correct use of information, intercept unauthorized access, and maintain data validity.

Some herpes dating sites, such as PositiveSingles, do a photo check, but do not check the background of registered users. Administrators frequently check systems for possible vulnerabilities and attacks however, they cannot guarantee the absolute security of the data with the security system in place.

For this reason, members are always advised to be careful when using the platform to avoid falling victim to online meetings. Its always a good idea to keep your personal information private and limit your meetings with members to public places.

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Why I Will Never Support Herpes Or Sti Dating Sites

Positive Singles. Meet People With Herpes. Truster. Hift. Hope. H Date. Hmate. Herwks. Thats right, friends. Its time to talk about herpes dating websites and how much I hate them.

Herpes dating services have been around since the Internet was invented, thanks to a powerful social stigma that makes disclosing your STI status a frightening prospect for many of us. In a world where we are judged for having a sexually transmitted condition, telling a new partner about herpes means risking a rejection that plenty of herpes+ people would rather avoid. I get it. There is a market for these services, and I dont want to dismiss the experiences of the people who use them. Please do not read this essay as judgmental. I dont mean to knock the insecurities of people with herpes: I want to address the companies that profit off of them.

Let me be very clear: I will never endorse an STI dating site. Period. Ever. Youve got the wrong woman.

Not to mention that people with herpes are diverse. Having a minor skin condition in common is a shoddy foundation for a healthy relationship. Ive dated people with herpes and Ive dated people without it. The relationships that start with the premise Hey Ive got herpes too, lets get a drink! are usually short and predicated on nothing more than a false sense of familiarity.

Read a free excerpt here.

Use The Trustworthy Herpes Dating Sites

The dangers of romance scams and how not to get caught out.

There are 20+ online dating websites and apps that target people with herpes, so take note even if you live in a safe location. Not all the herpes dating sites are safe. Some websites run by one people. Some websites run by a team of 50 staff. Remember that most of the newest herpes dating sites have a very small user base.

You can join larger, more reputable herpes dating sites â like PositiveSingles, MPWH, â to protect your private information. Wesites like PositiveSingles have nearly 20 years history and nearly every one with herpes have used it. Other herpes dating site like MPWH also has 10+ years and it is reputable in the community. These two herpes dating sites have most users among all the players.

Not all the herpes dating sites reviewed the profiles. Only PositiveSingles and have real people to review profiles and supervise the activities for suspected profiles. You may also keep an eye out for phony profiles and conversations that donât feel quite reciprocated by yourself.

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