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How To Cure Herpes With Herbs

Herbal Remedies May Also Offer Relief


Research supports the use of certain botanical remedies. You may want to try one or more of these:

Long dan xie gan tan This Chinese herbal formula has been used to quell symptoms and reduce herpes outbreaks. Its English name is clear liver fire pills. In at least one study, the formulawas shown to inhibit the activity of HSV-1 and HSV-2.

Chinese herbal medicine is always individualized, and there are other formulas that help too, so it is helpful to consult a licensed acupuncturist or herbalist before starting this formula, says Mindich.

Mushrooms Mushrooms boost the immune system, Mindich says, and thus can help prevent recurrent herpes outbreaks. She recommends mushroom products from the Immune & Protection collection of Host Defense and from Myko San. Eating shiitake mushrooms daily has also been found to have a positive effect on the immune system in a study published in April 2015 in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

Lemon balm This herb, which is related to mint, has traditionally been used to improve brain function and also has antiviral properties. Records concerning the medicinal use of lemon balm date back more than 2,000 years.

Lemon balm can be prepared and drunk as a tea. It can also be applied to the skin to both prevent herpes to prevent outbreaks and reduce symptoms. Research has shown that lemon balm oil directly counteracts herpes viruses.

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Healing Herpes Using Prunella Vulgaris

Prunella Vulgaris is a perennial plant found in China, the British Isles, Europe, and North America.

This herbal remedy looks promising for the treatment of herpes infections. Recently, some researches have shown that a cream made from constituents of Prunella Vulgaris is useful in lessening or stopping outbreaks.

In studies on animals infected with HSV-1 and HSV-2, they developed fewer lesions when treated with a topical cream containing a derivative from Prunella Vulgaris than those who did not receive the treatment.

Prunella vulgaris can be used safely internally and externally in a wash or salve.

How To Treat Genital Herpes

There is no cure for genital herpes. It lays dormant in the body for long periods, then reappears as an outbreak of sores.

However, doctors can prescribe medications that reduce the likelihood of recurring outbreaks. These medicines may also lower the risk of transmitting the virus.

When a person has a genital herpes outbreak, they may be able to promote healing and lower the risk of transmitting the virus by:

  • avoiding sexual contact with another person until the sores have healed
  • keeping the sores clean and dry
  • refraining from touching the sores whenever possible
  • washing the hands immediately after touching the sores
  • using barrier protection during sexual contact until told otherwise by a doctor

The first herpes outbreak is usually the worst subsequent outbreaks tend to become less bothersome.

Genital herpes does not typically cause serious health complications. However, it can make a person more vulnerable to contracting HIV.

If a person has genital herpes sores, viruses and bacteria, including HIV, have more opportunity to enter the body. Avoid scratching the sores, as this can lead to bacterial infection.

Also, having HIV can make genital herpes outbreaks more severe.

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Get Rid Of Herpes Does It Really Work Cure Herpes Forever

21 Home Remedies for Herpes Treatment

Precisely how do I Eliminate Herpes

The most reliable Means To Cease a Herpes Episode Is To Develop The Immune System Herpes Kind 2 Cure

Exactly how can I remove herpes? is a concern everyone inquires when they have an episode. Formally there is no treatment for HSV,

therefore alleviation slips back to either preventative actions or means of reducing the episodes.

You can easily receive herpes via lovemaking or also a modest cut on your skin when a person with an episode of herpes brushes from you.

HSV 2 is a germ that is very infectious when youre in the episode period having said that also when the ailment is in its dormant phase it may

still be broadcast to one more in the course of affinity. One of the very best methods to protect against an episode is to maintain your defense

system durable.

The most reliable point you could do to quit herpes episodes is to consume healthy and balanced meals, keep away from snack food, as well

as have a lot of physical exercise as well as remainder. Remaining healthy and balanced is the greatest means to quit episodes.

Many of the time, individuals with herpes do not also understand they have it till they have an episode. The episodes come from the sickness

difficult the defense system.

Precisely how do I Obtain Rid of Herpes Outbreaks

A great way to excellent means an HSV 2 outbreak is to episode Ascorbyl palmitateMake use of This is a kind of supplement C that stays in

any type of herpes therapies.


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Herpes Treatment: Natural Herbs To Cure Herpes

Pete Campbell

It is a well-known fact that herpes cannot be cured, becauseso far, the way in which this virus can be removed from the body has not beenfound. The only thing that can be done refers to the treatment of symptoms,although it is important to make the immune system stronger as well, since thisvirus tends to become active when the immune system is weakened. Even thoughherpes is a nightmare for people who suffer from it, the fact is that medicationsare not the only way in which it can be treated. There are some natural andherbal remedies, which are equally effective as medications, but still, it isrecommended to consult the doctor before giving a chance to any of them.

Herbs helpful in the treatment of herpes

How To Cure Shingles Or Herpes Zoster Using Homemade Remedies

When the chicken pox virus does not disappear completely from our bodies, we run the risk of getting herpes zoster or shingles. This condition presents itself during a weakening of the immune system or due to very severe stress that causes the virus to reactivate itself.

Its symptoms are often intense and disturbing. They begin mild, with a headache or flu-like symptoms. Then, you will get strong pain or itching in a certain area, which later becomes a blistery rash. If you are looking for solutions to address shingles, in we explain how to cure herpes zoster using home remedies.

If herpes zoster or shingles has been diagnosed you will likely know that there is no specific treatment for this virus, so the various natural solutions may work in some patients and not in others.

For this reason, a good recommendation would be to follow medical advice with supervised treatment and, at the same time, try these natural topical solutions to help alleviate the ill feeling and the state of the blisters.

Honeyis a food full of properties and benefits, both for our bodies and for our skin. That is why it is one of the home remedies used to cure shingles. On account of its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties it is frequently used to handle and eliminate the blisters produced by the herpes zoster. You need only wash the area thoroughly and directly apply the honey, repeating four times a day.

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Andrographis: One Of The Best Antiviral Herbs For Herpes

Andrographis is the name of a medicinal plant of very bitter flavor, very well-known in Asia for its healing properties.

The scientific name of this herb is Andrographis paniculata, but in India it is known with the name of Maha-Tita that means king of the bitter. In Malaysia, natives name this plant Hempedu Bumi that means bile of the earth.

Andrographis belongs to the Acanthaceaes family and it possesses simple green leaves. This plant inhabits in India and Sri Lanka and it is cultivated in Asia.

The consumption of leaves and roots of Andrographis strengthen the immune system and it is more effective if we combine it with Echinacea, vitamin C and zinc.

Andrographis is one of the most effective medicinal herbs to treat herpes, but it isnt the answer to the question: how to cure herpes naturally forever?

The most effective way of preventing the outbreaks is by means of the invigoration of the immune system. Once exposed to the herpes virus, outbreaks are typically related to the times when the immune system is weakened or under pressure, such as stress, illness, fatigue, poor diet, surgery, over exposure to sunlight, medications, etc.

Andrographis interferes with viral reproduction and stimulates the production of antibodies and large white blood cells that kill invading viruses.

Andrographis fights herpes virus.

Summary of Andrographis for herpes

Scientific name

Andrographis paniculata

Other names


Andrographis paniculata

Mechanism of action against herpes

How To Get Rid Of Herpes 13 Home Remedies To Treat Herpes Outbreak Naturally


Sponsored by Impower Solutions What is Herpes and its symptoms? Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2 Herpes Simplex Virus 1 Herpes Simplex Virus herpes What triggers an outbreak?herpesCommon triggers for outbreaks are a weak immune system 13 Home Remedies to Treat Herpes Naturallyherpes

  • Applying a cornstarch paste.Cornstarch can help dry out the itching during the sores and rashes outbreak. You can dip a wet cotton ball or a Q-tip in cornstarch and apply it to the affected areas and of its surrounding skin to avoid the constant itching feeling.
  • Applying baking soda paste.The same thing can be done with baking soda. This is also to relieve the pain and itchiness during the outbreaks. Follow the same instructions of the cornstarch paste where you dip a wet Q-tip or cotton ball in a baking soda and apply it in the affected areas.
  • Wear sunscreen.This is for the people affected by the HSV-1 virus. When exposed to sunlight, your cold sores might surface and get worse. Applying sunscreen with at least SPF of 30 can be a very helpful protection to your skin. It also help the cold sores from healing.
  • Aloe Vera can be your friend.Aloe vera is an ultimate moisturizing that can help soothe the pain, prevent inflammation and can even provide moisture in your rashes or dry skin. Aloe vera is said to be a possible remedy for psoriasis and eczema. It can help heal the blistered and dry skin to avoid skin discoloration or scars from the outbreak.
  • Prevention Tips

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    Is Lemon Balm A Herbal Cure For Herpes

    Trials of antiviral effects of the lemon balm have proven it is effective against herpes virus. It has natural properties that inhibit the virus.

    Application of lemon balm cures the initial outbreak of herpes and prevents recurrences.

    Melissa extract and oils are available in creams and capsules. It can also be consumed as tea, made from the dried herb. Lemon Balm can be taken in a long term without side effects.

    Salt To Treat Herpes Of The Nose

    Salt is also a natural remedy that has proven highly effective in treating herpes. When you have it outside your nose, make a salt dressing or poultice Its a good solution. But if the herpes is on the inside of your nose, you have no choice but to apply it with a solution.

    The way to prepare it is very simple because you only need water and salt to dilute it in it. To apply it, you can opt for the swab or for do nasal washes with this salty solution, so you will need a larger container to put your nose in and that you can breathe in the salted water, until it enters through the nostrils.

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    Herpes And Treatment Discoveries

    For most people, getting a proper diagnosis of herpes is devastating. Whether its herpes or simple fever blisters, you now have the virus that induce unsightly sore spots and sores can be displayed anytime for that relaxation of the existence. And when that is not bad enough, all you read uses words like existence sentence and no cure.

    Herpes affects huge numbers of people worldwide. Although statistics vary on exactly the number of people are influenced by this invasive disease, its reliable advice that a minumum of one in five people is have contracted the herpes simplex virus in certain form. This can be a sobering statistic see how to avoid to the fact that theres no known cure, and also the better if sufferers can expect is really a respite from signs and symptoms. For the time being anyway.

    The issue with Herpes is the fact that after you have it, its along with you for existence. An episode can happen anytime, so that as anybody who is affected with herpes will explain, the sores frequently come at worst possible occasions. However, there has been some notable treatment discoveries previously couple of years, discoveries which are giving hope to herpes sufferers around the globe. This information will explore probably the most promising herpes remedies

    Herpes Symptoms And Signs


    In order to diagnose herpes, a health care provider can swab an area of visibly active herpes infection or, if symptoms arent active, a blood test can be given that measures the number of herpes antibodies present in the body. The antibodies dont indicate herpes itself, but rather show the immune systems response to the presence of the virus in the body. Its important to note that sometimes a swab can give false negative results since herpes lesions need to be large enough to yield enough detectable virus and if the outbreak is already healing it also may not be detected in a swab.

    The most common herpes symptoms include:

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    How Is Herpes Treated

    Since herpes is a virus and viruses live within your bodys cells, the virus cannot be killed altogether, and there is not a cure for herpes. What is treatable is the outbreak of the virus. When the virus becomes triggered to grow, due to an illness, stress, or hormonal changes, is when it is most susceptible to antiviral medications.

    Other Home Remedies For Cold Sores

    The remedies I have talked about above cost money and time but did you know there are also treatments that you have in your kitchen. Well, you do and the first one consists of warm/cold compresses. Using a warm compress can reduce pain and a cold compress reduces swelling.

    The next technique requires one to make a paste out of baking soda or corn starch mixed with water. Apply this mixture with a cotton swab to your cold sores to ease itching and dry out the lesions.

    The last technique utilizes a famous antiviral and fragrant herb. Do you have any idea? Well, it is garlic. When using garlic to treat herpes, take one clove of garlic and crush it. Mix the crushed garlic with olive oil and apply to a cold sore. You can reapply this mixture up to three times a day.

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    Facts And Statistics About Herpes

    • According to the World Health Organization, an estimated two-thirds of the global population under 50 years old are infected with herpes simplex virus type 1 .
    • Estimates for HSV-1 prevalence in the U.S. among people aged 049 years are 178 million women and 142 million men .
    • In total, about 75 percent or more of the American adult population has the HSV-1 virus that usually causes oral herpes , and about 20 percent to 30 percent have HSV-2 that usually causes genital herpes.
    • Men and women are affected by HSV-1 about equally. Roughly 6 million women in the U.S. become infected with HSV-1 each year, along with 5 million men.
    • Slightly more women than men are affected by genital herpes, whether from HSV-1 or HSV-2. Middle-aged women are most likely to acquire genital herpes.
    • Transmission of HSV most often occurs without symptoms, so its estimated that 85 percent of people with genital herpes dont know it. Many dont have any symptoms at all after the initial infection, and only about 15 percent ever receive a HSV-2 infection diagnosis in their lifetimes.
    • Most primary oral/facial HSV infections are caused by HSV-1 however, facial infection by HSV-2 is increasingly becoming common.
    • Less children are becoming infected with HSV-1 than in the past in high-income countries, mostly due to better hygiene and living conditions.
    • After someone comes into contact with an active herpes outbreak on another person, the incubation period takes about one week.

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