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Vitamins To Prevent Herpes Cold Sores

Side Effects Of Herpes Supplements

How to treat cold sores FAST| Dr Dray

The natural ingredients used in herpes supplements are not typically associated with any side effects. Healthy adults should not have any adverse reaction if they find the explicit instructions provided.

Individuals who currently take any medications could potentially experience side effects from the herpes virus if they do not speak with the doctor beforehand. The doctor can educate them on the correct combination of treatments to ensure that they do not have a bad reaction.

While supplements are undoubtedly safe for consumers, the same cannot be said of herpes medications. The majority of people that take these medications end up with some kind of side effect, including dizziness, vomiting, stomach pain, nausea, depression, headaches, joint pain, and more. Those are just the side effects for individuals that choose Valtrex as their solution. Individuals that use Zovirax can even experience mood changes and bruising during the use of this product. With supplements, these types of side effects are not possible.

Does Abreva Cream Really Work

Abreva® Cream contains 10 percent docosanol, which blocks the herpes simplex virus from entering healthy skin cells, inhibiting its growth based on laboratory studies i. Abreva cold sore cream has been clinically proven to reduce healing time, as well as symptoms such as pain and burning, itching or tingling. It has also been shown to help prevent cold sores from progressing to blister stage when applied at the first sign of an outbreak.ii

Try Taking The Supplement Lysine

In terms of taking supplements to prevent breakouts, I especially recommend L-lysine. This is the primary supplement for herpes, Gade says. L-lysine is an amino acid, a building block of protein. When you have an outbreak, it can be taken orally to shorten the outbreak in conjunction with an antiviral medication.

Lysine appears to be useful in reducing the number and the severity of outbreaks. The usual daily dose is between 1 and 3 milligrams.

Some studies suggest that taking lysine regularly may help prevent outbreaks of both cold sores and herpes sores. In Gades experience, patients have had no side effects using lysine. In some people, though, there have been reports of the supplement causing abdominal pain and diarrhea.

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How To Naturally Get Rid Of The Symptoms Of Herpes Or Cold Sores

Herpes virus, even known as cold sores, is a tiny virus that affects a lot of people. It caused by HSV-1 virus and is transmitted from person to another very easily. The herpes virus can live inactive within a persons immune system for a lifetime, causing periodically wounds or ulcers. When there is no treatment, symptoms of herpes usually last for 10-14 days, causing redness, pain and burning sensation. By boosting the immune system through a healthy diet, changing the lifestyle you can help keep the virus inactive.

How To Get Rid Of Herpes Sores Fast

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  • Lifestyle changes: One of the best things you can do to help your herpes sores heal fast is to adopt a lifestyle that supports your immune system. This means getting the proper amount of sleep most nights and eating nourishing foods full of antioxidants.
  • A dry and clean vagina: You may be hesitant to clean down there because you dont want to make it worse. But when you gently wash with fragrance-free soap, youll be making sure that your sores and your genital area remain clean. Once youre out of the shower or bath, dry completely before putting on fresh cotton underwear.
  • Baking soda: Your sores are open and swollen, so finding a solution that helps dry them out will naturally lead to a quicker healing process. Put just a little baking soda in a bowl, then dip a wet Q-tip into it and apply it to the affected area.
  • Medication: At wisp, we have suppressive and episodic medication for your herpes. We also carry options to manage the severity of your sore symptoms and Lidocaine pain and Acyclovir creams to promote a faster healing process with less pain. Also, its so important to take medication as prescribed to help your body heal fast. Even if your sores are going away quickly, keep taking your prescription for as long as youre supposed to.

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Antiviral Creams And Tablets

Antiviral creams such as aciclovir or penciclovir may speed up the healing time of a recurrent cold sore infection if used correctly.

Cold sore creams are widely available over the counter from pharmacies without a prescription.

Theyre only effective if you apply them as soon as the first signs of a cold sore appear, when the herpes simplex virus is spreading and replicating. Using an antiviral cream after this initial period is unlikely to have much effect.

If you have frequently recurring bouts of cold sores, use antiviral medication as soon as you feel the tingling sensation that indicates a cold sore is about to develop. Youll need to apply the cream up to five times a day for four to five days.

Antiviral creams can only help to heal a current outbreak of cold sores. They dont get rid of the herpes simplex virus or prevent future outbreaks of cold sores occurring.

Antiviral tablets are generally more effective than creams at treating cold sores, but are usually only prescribed for more severe cases.

Foods With Higher Lysine

  • fish, chicken, beef and lamb
  • apples, mangoes, apricots, papaya, beets
  • nutritional yeast

This doesnt mean you have to completely avoid foods that are high in arginine. I love nuts, coconut, oats and chocolate and I still eat them. Im just mindful about the fact that they are high in arginine and make sure I balance things out by eating foods that are high in lysine as well. Its also important to remember that while fish, meats and dairy products are high in lysine, eating too much of these high protein foods can make the body too acidic, which can also cause a cold sore outbreak. As always, moderation is the key.

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Cold Sore Shield Is A Combination Of Potent Immune Supporting Nutrients

Cold sores lay dormant in your body, waiting for the most inconvenient moment to strike. A perfect storm might include the presence of L-Arginine and a weakened immune system, Fortunately, Cold Sore Shield’s unique ingredients combine powerful minerals and antioxidants to support the immune system and maintain cellular integrity all joining forces to support the body’s daily defense of cold sores.*


Check Your Vitamin Levels

How to treat cold sores

A healthy diet can buoy your bodyâs ability to defend against the herpes virus. âIf you are deficient in certain vitamins and nutrients, you will see issues with your immune system,â Dr. Frey says.

An essential one is vitamin D: âItâs important to make sure your vitamin D levels are intact,â Dr. Frey says. A May 2021 study in âSAGE Open Medicineâ found that vitamin D has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps regulate the immune response. Yet an August 2016 study in âThe American Journal of Clinical Nutritionâ reported that up to 18 percent of people were vitamin D deficient. And keep in mind that for people living in the northern hemisphere, D plummets during the winter.

Another biggie is vitamin C. âIt is an antioxidant, and building up your antioxidants is key to helping your immune system function properly,â Dr. Frey says. A November 2017 study in âNutrientsâ also points out that vitamin C supports the immune system.

Other potentially helpful nutrients include vitamin E , folic acid, iron and zinc, an element with antiviral activity that is essential to maintaining a healthy immune system and keeping inflammation in check, per an April 2015 study in âAutoimmunity Reviewsâ.

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Can You Use Supplements And Vitamins For Herpes

Before we get into the benefits of specific vitamins, minerals and supplements, lets clear up a common misconception.

Currently, there is no cure for herpes. Boom. Period. Herpes is a lifelong infection that can only be treated, not cured. This means you can and should ignore any claims made by makers of supplements that their products can cure herpes. They cant, and they wont.

Its also important to remember that vitamins, supplements and other natural products arent as effective at treating herpes as real antiviral drugs like valacyclovir . If you have herpes, the optimal approach is to use antiviral drugs as a first priority, with vitamins and supplements as a second defense.

However, some vitamins, minerals and other health supplements may have benefits for treating herpes. Its important to remember this distinction, as theres a big difference between treating a virus and curing it completely.

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Fighting Off Cold Sores With The Right Diet

We tend to think of cold sores as external issues that require an over-the-counter treatment. While topical solutions can be great in soothing symptoms, its important to start looking at flare-ups as an internal condition.

If you have the herpes simplex virus, it will live dormant within you most of the time. However, certain things may trigger it, causing an outbreak. Its better to constantly fight the virus within than wait for an outbreak to occur.

Will you always be able to prevent a flare up from occurring? No. Even with the right precautionary measures, cold sores will sometimes seem to just show up. However, looking at your immune system as the best line of defense against them is a good place to start.

The vitamins listed in this article are natural defenders of the immune system. They will help to give it a boost. Additionally, many of them have extra properties that will help to heal cold sores faster, even after they form.

A strong immune system can make existing cold sores far less traumatic. Try to include the foods listed in this article in your diet on a regular basis. If its not possible to do that, consider taking a multivitamin that contains these nutrients, or taking individual supplements.

Once you have a cold sore, you can shorten its duration to as little as 72 hours with the FDA-approved Virulite Device.

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If You Have Symptoms Find Out What Youre Dealing With

With genital herpes, the biggest mistake people make is not seeking medical advice, says Gade.

People often find the signs or symptoms of a first herpes outbreak confusing, says Gade. You may mistake herpes symptoms for those of a yeast infection and try curing that condition on your own. But if your healthcare provider diagnoses you with herpes, the first line of treatment will be antiviral medications.

, you can make matters worse by putting things on the herpes sores that you shouldnt put on the sores, she says. People often try using Vaseline, bacitracin, or Aquaphor to soothe the itchy or painful eruptions.

Honestly, not putting anything on the sores is best, says Gade. Do keep the area clean and dry, though.

Warm compresses applied to tender or painful areas can help. So can sitting in a warm bath, using Epsom salt.

Sometimes people have enormous pain with urination, says Gade. For relief, you can urinate in your bathwater or while taking a shower to dilute the urine stream and lessen the sensation. You can also use warm water in a spray bottle to dilute the stream while youre urinating.

What Does Dr Weil Recommend

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To prevent recurrences, try the following cold sore remedies:

  • Avoid foods rich in the amino acid arginine, which can activate the virus. These foods include chocolate, cola, beer, grain cereals, chicken soup, gelatin, seeds, nuts and peas.
  • Get a new toothbrush. The virus can live in your toothbrush and re-infect you. When the sore is gone, get another new toothbrush. Also, to prevent the virus from getting into the toothpaste , dont touch the brush to the tube when youre squeezing out toothpaste.
  • Always use SPF 15 sunscreen before going out in the sun and use a lip moisturizer with sunscreen.
  • Since the HSV is highly contagious, dont kiss or shake hands with anyone who has a cold sore or fever blisters. And avoid these contacts when you have one.
  • Keep your hands clean.
  • Avoid sharing towels and utensils with anyone who has a cold sore.

To speed healing from active cold sores and fever blisters, take monolaurin, an antiviral supplement you can get in the health food store. The dosage is one gram in capsule form three times a day before meals. Cream containing the amino acid lysine applied directly to the cold sore can help as well. Taking L-lysine can reduce the frequency of attacks of oral herpes in some people. Take 500-1,000 milligrams a day on an empty stomach to prevent recurrence.

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What Is The Prognosis For Oral Herpes Can They Be Cured

Currently, there is no cure or vaccine for herpes simplex virus. Avoiding risk factors, such as sunburn and stress, can help prevent additional outbreaks. Cold sores will usually heal within 2 weeks without treatment. However, there are established cold sore treatments available to help decrease healing time, reduce pain, and in specific cases, suppress the recurrence of the virus.

Cold sores, if they recur, are most likely to do so during the first year after infection. They usually resolve on their own within 1-2 weeks. After the initial outbreak, cold sores may never appear again, or appear only when something triggers them. Usually people with cold sores lead normal lives and are not terribly affected by them unless they happen to recur very often .

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How To Stop Cold Sores Spreading

If you already have cold sores, its important to try to prevent the virus infecting other parts of your body as well as other people.Heres some advice that may help:

  • If you have a cold sore, dont share anything that comes into contact with the affected area, including lipstick, lip balm, cups, glasses, toothbrushes, cutlery, flannels, razors or towels.

  • Avoid touching your cold sores . Remember to be gentle when youre applying cold sore creams try not to rub them in, as this can cause further damage to your skin.

  • Try not to pick at the sores as this could infect them with bacteria or even transfer the virus to other parts of your body .

  • Whenever you apply cold sore cream, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water both beforehand and afterwards.

  • Never let someone else use your cold sore cream.

  • Avoid kissing or having any close physical contact with anyone including oral sex while you have a cold sore until it has healed completely.

  • Also be particularly careful to avoid contact with certain people whenever you have a cold sore, including pregnant women, newborn babies and those who have a low immune system .

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Top 13 Best Herpes Supplements Review The Rankings

Were you at all aware that an estimated 491.5 million people were diagnosed with herpes simplex virus-2 ? Thats roughly 13.2% of the worlds population between 15 and 49 years of age. Thats not the worse part, as an estimated 3.7 billion people were diagnosed with herpes simplex virus-1 , amounting to 66.6% of the worlds population under 50 years of age . For people wondering the difference between the two, the former is spread because of sexual intercourse. At the same time, the latter mainly arises from oral sex.

Nevertheless, two questions that are likely to scurry in ones mind include how did we get to this point? and where are we at medicinally? At present, there remains no cure for herpes, but the use of antiviral medications is encouraged. Unfortunately, even these solutions have been linked to headaches, nausea, vomiting, increased liver enzymes, and reduction of white blood cells, among others . Is there another way out? It turns out theres an entire niche within the supplement industry that may reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms the same way prescription drugs are believed to but without the terrible side effects.

Conventional Cold Sore Treatment

It Might Be Good to Have Herpes | Trained Immunity

The most commonly prescribed medications for relieving pain and discomfort from a cold sore are acyclovir , famciclovir and valacyclovir . These antiviral drugs dont cure the virus, and they dont help once the blister appears. They have to be applied when you can feel a cold sore coming on in order to be effective.

Several studies have investigated the efficacy of oral antiviral medication in the treatment of cold sores. The medication must be taken when symptoms first appear in order to be effective. Study results vary, but most suggest that antiviral medications reduce the duration of symptoms by one or two days, especially when taken at higher doses.

When acyclovir was tested on 149 patients who took 200 milligrams five times daily for five days, it had no effect on the duration of pain or the time to recovery. However, in another study, 174 patients reported a reduction in the duration of the symptoms after taking 400 milligrams five times daily for five days.

The most frequent reported side effects of oral antiviral medications are headache and nausea, which depend on the dose and duration of treatment.

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