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What Is Femiclear For Herpes

Is Femiclear Supposed To Burn


A burning sensation may occur when using FemiClear for Yeast Infection, as this is a common side effect for vaginal treatments. To help reduce the sensation while using FemiClear to relieve symptoms of a yeast infection, it is best to use the treatment as soon as you notice the first symptoms or signs of infection.

New Product From Femiclear Brand Now Available At Cvs

September 30, 2020 by Chain Drug Review

AUSTIN To help women suffering with genital herpes, the FemiClear brand has released new FemiClear for Genital Herpes Symptoms to relieve the symptoms of genital herpes outbreaks. This innovative new product is backed by both an in vitro and in vivo study and is now available at CVS stores nationwide.

New FemiClear for Genital Herpes Symptoms was tested by an independent accredited U.S.-based laboratory using ASTM standards. These studies demonstrated that FemiClear for Genital Herpes Symptoms kills 99.9% of both the herpes simplex I & II viruses. Next, in an IRB-approved study of over 50 women who were diagnosed and actively experiencing a genital herpes outbreak, over 90% of the participants reported less severe symptoms: less itching, pain and burning compared to their typical outbreak.

This pioneering new product is made from a proprietary process that uses oxygenated olive oil and other natural and organic ingredients to create a highly antiviral substrate. FemiClear is the first widely-available over-the-counter option for genital herpes symptoms.

Goodner says, The FemiClear brand is committed to destigmatizing taboo topics in womens health by bringing effective solutions that are backed by science and are made with all-natural and organic ingredients. Genital herpes, for example, is far more prevalent than most people realize, with 1 in 6 women having it. Lets stop being ashamed to talk about it.

When Will My Order Ship

After placing your order, please allow 1-2 business days for your order to process.We use this time to take extra precautions to ensure our fulfillment teams and customers safety. If you’ve placed your order on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, your 1-2 business days of processing time will start on the following Monday . Once your order has shipped, we’ll email you a shipping confirmation with your tracking number.Thank you for your patience!

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Femiclear Restoratives Feminine Dual

Price: $39.99

This product contains 30 doses of a once-daily female probiotic to help prevent reoccurring cases of vaginal microbiome imbalance. Each capsule contains clinical strength L. Plantarum ROSELLA, a well-researched probiotic for vaginal health.

The probiotics aim to help you maintain healthy vaginal pH for 90 days, and are free of synthetic colors or artificial flavors, sweeteners, lactose, gluten, yeast, and soy.

FemiClear also sells products from Curoxen, a brand that specializes in first aid and oral care:

  • CUROXEN First Aid Ointment . A first aid ointment for cuts, scrapes, burns, and blisters that kills > 99.9 percent of harmful germs and helps prevent infection and promotes healing.
  • CUROXEN First Aid Ointment + Arnica for Pain . A first aid ointment that promotes healing and helps prevent infection in cuts, scrapes, burns, and blisters. This product contains arnica, an ingredient known for its anti-inflammatory capabilities.
  • CUROXEN Mouth Sore Relief . A first aid ointment that contains clove oil as an alternative to the steroid benzocaine to numb pain, help prevent infection, and promote healing of mouth irritations such as canker sores, cheek bites, and mouth ulcers.
  • CUROXEN Cold Sore Relief . A topical ointment proven to kill > 95 percent of the cold sore virus, according to the company. The product provides 24-hour relief to help relieve painful symptoms during the day and promote healing overnight.

Femiclear To Be Carried In Rite Aid Stores

Organic Femiclear for Genital Herpes Symptoms Multi

The markets only natural over-the-counter product meant to relieve genital herpes symptoms is expanding its distribution. FemiClear for Genital Herpes Symptoms, made by Austin, Texas-based OrganiCare, recently was picked up for distribution in 2,000 Rite Aid stores sexual wellness aisles.

Founded in 2016, OrganiCare said it aims to create all-natural OTC products that are safe and effective in the sexual wellness, feminine care, first aid and oral care categories. Besides the genital herpes symptoms product, the FemiClear brand also includes products for yeast infections and feminine itch.

The company said FemiClear for Genital Herpes Symptoms has been proven to kill 99.9% of HSV -1 and HSV-2, with more than 90% of users reporting less pain, burning and itching. More than 80% of users reported a shortened outbreak when using FemiClear. OrganiCare said that in addition to treating the symptoms, FemiClear for Genital Herpes aims to destigmatize herpes, which affects 1 in 6 women.

OrganiCare is excited to partner with Rite Aid to bring innovation to their feminine hygiene, personal intimacy, first aid, and oral care categories said OrganiCare CEO and Founder Caroline Goodner.

Besides Rite Aid, FemiClear also is available via CVS Pharmacy and

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Femiclear For Genital Herpes Symptoms

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Hclear For Him For Genital Herpes Symptoms Multi Symptom

Price: $59.99

HClear for Him for Genital Herpes Symptoms is an ointment that the company claims may reduce symptoms of genital herpes outbreaks in biological males. Such symptoms may include itching, tingling, and burning.

HClear contains the same ingredients as FemiClear for Genital Herpes Symptoms. The ointment has a runny texture, so people can store it in a refrigerator before applying it to their skin.

The company recommends that people use HClear as soon as they experience the tingling sensation that signals a herpes outbreak. A person should apply the product at least four times a day, and as often as necessary thereafter.

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When Should I Talk With A Doctor

FemiClears products are most effective when used at the first sign of an infection outbreak.

However, if you have symptoms or suspect exposure to genital herpes, talk with a doctor or healthcare professional to have a full sexually transmitted infection exam conducted and receive medication to end the outbreak.

You can still use FemiClear with any prescribed medications and follow your doctors advice while using their product.

If you suspect you are having a yeast infection and have not had one before, visit a doctor or healthcare professional to receive treatment.

To treat a simple yeast infection, a doctor will typically prescribe a 1- to 6-day treatment regimen of an antifungal cream, ointment, tablet, or suppository, or suggest an OTC product. FemiClear for Yeast Infection can be bought OTC and used at home.

After using FemiClear to treat your yeast infection, you can follow up with your doctor to make sure it worked.

If you realize you have a yeast infection, you may be able to treat yourself at home using FemiClear for Yeast Infection. If your yeast infections persist, follow up with a doctor to determine whether you might be dealing with a deeper issue.

How Do I Change My Renewal/order Date

An All Natural OTC Topical Product for Genital Herpes Outbreak Symptoms

To change your order date for the next subscription order:

1. Log in and click MY SUBSCRIPTIONS. If you get an error that you don’t have an account, create an account with the same email you used to start your subscription to get connected.


3. Select the new date youd like your order to process

4. Click on SAVE DATE

To change the order date on a single item:

1. Log in and click MY SUBSCRIPTIONS. If you get an error that you don’t have an account, create an account with the same email you used to start your subscription to get connected.

2. Under UPCOMING ORDERS, find the item youd like to edit


4. Select the new date youd like your order to process

5. Click on SAVE DATE

Remember – any changes must be made at least 48 hours before your original renewal date, at the latest. Your subscription portal will always reflect your most up to date information.

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Is It Time To Get A New Femiclear Herpes Treatments

Youre looking for a new femiclear herpes treatments. What do you think? Its difficult to predict future price changes. If there are no signs of production slowing, it can be worth buying now to enjoy your investment sooner. But if output is declining and prices are predicted to rise, you might want to wait until the buzz has died down before making a choice.

Treatment For Oral Herpes

The antiviral medications available in pill form have been specifically developed for the treatment of genital herpes. However, it is not uncommon for healthcare providers to prescribe the antiviral drugs to those who have frequent or severe outbreaks of oral herpes.

A recent study found valacyclovir to be effective for treating oral herpes in a one-day treatment of 2 grams taken at the first sign of a cold sore, and then again about 12 hours later.

There are two topical antiviral medications prescribed for the treatment of oral HSV symptoms: acyclovir ointment and penciclovir cream. Both work to speed up the healing process and reduce the viral activity. These topical drugs are put directly on the lesions themselves, but can also be used at the onset of prodrome.

Other topical treatments for oral herpes are available over-the-counter , but are not antiviral compounds like acyclovir and penciclovir. Some also contain ingredients that numb the area and induce temporary relief from the discomfort of an outbreak. Unfortunately, some OTC treatments may actually delay the healing time of symptoms because they can further irritate the area with repeated applications. There is only one OTC FDA-approved cream, called Abreva®, which has been clinically proven to help speed the healing process.

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Why Isn’t My Discount Code Working

Sorry for the trouble! A few things to consider:

You can only use one discount code per order

Sale products & special priced products are not eligible for further discounts

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Subscription orders are not eligible for further discounts

If you’re still having trouble, please contact customer service for further assistance.

Femiclear Genital Herpes Multi Symptom Relief

FemiClear for Genital Herpes Symptoms, Multi
  • Fast-acting, soothing relief from genital herpes outbreak symptoms: itching, tingling, pain, and burning
  • Proven to KILL 99.9% of the herpes simplex I & II viruses*
  • Over 90% of women reported less severe outbreak symptoms**
  • Made with all-natural, organic ingredients
  • Use at minimum four times per day, then as needed
  • Early use ensures the best results. Apply to affected area at first sign of blisters, sores, or tingling sensation.

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Femiclear For Genital Herpes Symptoms Itching & Tingling

Price: $49.99

Like the multi-symptom option, this genital herpes product works to kill nearly 99 percent of HSV-1 and HSV-2. However, this product aims to provide more specific relief to the itching and tingling symptoms of genital herpes.

Its a fast-acting formula that can be used the same way and as often as the multi-symptom product .

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How To Use Femiclear Products

FemiClear for genital herpes symptoms have different instructions for use than those for yeast infections, but in either case, the products should be used as early as possible for best results.

According to the company, the FemiClear for Genital Herpes Symptoms ointment should be applied directly and gently to the affected area at least four times a day, and then as often as needed, along with any prescribed medications you might be taking.

FemiClear products are formulated for adults and children ages 12 and older.

The company does not offer direct guidance on whether FemiClear products can be used by people trying to conceive, are pregnant, or are breastfeeding, but its recommended that you speak with a doctor or another healthcare professional before starting any new product.

FemiClear also suggests that people using their products for yeast infections or genital herpes symptoms should refrain from sexual intercourse during their course of treatment. You should also avoid using products like tampons, douches, and spermicides while using FemiClear products.

As with any new product, it is best to consult a healthcare professional before adding FemiClear to your regimen, especially if you are expecting or breastfeeding, or already taking medication to address the problem.

What Can I Use My Discount Code On

My Story – FemiClear for Genital Herpes Symptoms

Discount codes may be applied to one-time orders and are limited to one use per customer.* Only one discount code is applicable per order. Discount codes cannot be stacked or combined with other offers.*Exclusions apply: Subscription orders and special-priced items are not eligible for discount codes.

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Femiclear Review: Genital Herpes And Yeast Infection Treatment

FemiClear is a company that sells products for vaginal health infections, such as yeast infections and genital herpes. FemiClear claims its products contain natural ingredients, making them a suitable option for people who want to avoid drug-based products. However, there is no evidence to support FemiClear’s effectiveness or safety.

This article explores the FemiClear brand and some of its most popular products. We also compare FemiClear to other companies providing similar treatment options.

FemiClear is a female-led company that produces products to help treat vaginal infections, such as yeast infections and genital herpes. It also stocks several items for treating mouth sores, burns, and blisters.

The company’s facilities are registered with the American Food and Drug Administration and are in line with Good Manufacturing Practices .

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of FemiClear.

Myth #: Herpes Is Uncommon

Fact: 1 in 6 women in the U.S. between the ages of 14 and 49 have herpes, and 776,000 people are newly infected every year according to the CDC, says Dr. Jessica Shepherd, MD. Furthermore, in 2016, the World Health Organization found that more than 491.5 million people globally are living with herpes. If youre diagnosed, youre far from alone.

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Is Femiclear Safe To Use

FemiClear products are formulated with all-natural ingredients. Most products are designed to be used by all adults.

While using these products, it is best to avoid activities like sexual intercourse and the use of certain vaginal products.

Users have mentioned a burning sensation while using certain FemiClear products, though the company itself mentions that this is a potential and not uncommon side effect of certain treatments.

There are no reports of other conflicts or lawsuits.

Myth #1 I Have To Settle Now

FemiClear for Genital Herpes Symptoms, Multi

Its natural that the news of getting genital herpes can come as a shock, sending you into a tailspin. When I was diagnosed, says Harbushka, I immediately believed that all my hopes, goals, and dreams of marrying the person I wanted, having a happy marriage, and having children were all out the door, she says. I thought, do I only have sex with people who have herpes now? Do I have to settle because of this?

The fear of rejection from a current or future partner is very real, but along the way, it empowered Harbushka to evaluate what kind of intimate relationships she wanted in her life, and also build up her own self-respect and self-love.

She explains it like this: After a diagnosis, we tend to put our partner on a pedestal because were filled with guilt, shame, resentment, and embarrassment. Society has told us that if we have herpes, were a bad person, were dirty, or were irresponsibly having sex. Thats not true at all! So, I had to really know myself, establish my own boundaries, and get comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations, she says. Frankly, its the questions we should all already be asking each other to practice safe sex: Are we monogamous, or are we dating other people? Are you using a condom with other people? Are you asking them to get tested? Have you gotten tested?


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Femiclear Medical Expert Feedback

I was very impressed with the in vitro data that demonstrated highly effective antiviral activity against both Herpes Simplex I and II. FemiClear gives me another tool, in addition to antiviral prescriptions, to help my patients manage their outbreak symptoms. Dr Tosin Goje, MD, MSCR, FACOG, leads the Gynecologic Infectious Diseases and Vulvar and Vaginal Disorders Centers in the Institute of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Womens Health Institute at the Cleveland Clinic.

We need more novel solutions like this. Antiviral oral medications will continue to be critical treatment options, but the fact is, many women who have genital herpes still experience outbreaks and they can be miserable. My patients will be delighted with an OTC symptom relief product. Dr. Jessica Shepherd, MD, MBA, FACOG, an obstetrician, gynecologist, and minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, TX.

You can find FemiClear at national retailers like and

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