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How Long Do Herpes Tests Take

Can You Have Herpes And Not Know

Understanding Herpes Testing

Some people with the herpes virus are asymptomatic, which means that they dont experience any physical symptoms of the disease. This doesnt mean that they cant spread the disease, however.

Anyone who has the herpes virus, whether symptomatic or not, can spread the virus to others.

If you have the herpes virus and your body has produced antibodies, it can be detected on a blood test, even if you have no symptoms. The only time the virus might not be detected on a test is if youve been tested too early.

How Much Does The Test Cost

The cost of testing for genital and oral herpes depends on the type of test that is performed, where the test is conducted, and whether the patient has medical insurance. Testing is often covered by insurance when ordered by a doctor, although patients may still be responsible for costs such as copays and deductibles.

Types Of Tests Used To Diagnose Herpes

There are a number of tests used to diagnose herpes, depending on whether lesions are present.

  • Symptomatic testing: Samples taken from lesions can be used to detect the virus with a viral culture or nucleic acid amplification test . Of the two, NAAT is more sensitive . A polymerase chain reaction test may be used if herpes is suspected as the cause of a systemic or central nervous system infection, such as encephalitis or meningitis.
  • Asymptomatic testing: A blood test may be used to detect HSV antibodies. This is an option for people who had a previous outbreak or had recent exposure. Very recent herpes infections may not be detected. Retesting in a few months may be necessary for accurate results. Some blood tests can also specifically identify an HSV-1 or HSV-2 infection.

Due to the high rates of false-positives, screening for genital herpes in asymptomatic adults and adolescents is not recommended.

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What Does Sti Testing Involve

STI tests may look for things like gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV or syphilis. If you dont have symptoms, STI testing involves providing a urine sample and/or a blood sample. The urine can be tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia. The blood sample can be tested for HIV and syphilis.

If you do have symptoms, a clinician will evaluate your symptoms. The clinician may swab the symptomatic areas of your body for testing. They may also ask you to provide a urine sample and/or a blood sample. Although the clinician may be able to say whether or not you have an STI, the test can tell you for sure which STI you have, and will help identify the appropriate treatment.

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Do Regular Sti Tests Include Herpes

Living with Herpes

No. If you dont have symptoms, STI testing includes gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV and syphilis, and only involves time with a medical assistant. The Centers for Disease Control does not recommend herpes testing for people without symptoms.

If you think youve been exposed to herpes, but you arent showing symptoms, make sure to tell your health care provider prior to getting tested. At Planned Parenthood, herpes testing requires a visit with the nurse practitioner.

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What Happens At A Sexual Health Clinic

The doctor or nurse at the sexual health clinic will:

  • ask about your symptoms and your sexual partners
  • use a small cotton bud to take some fluid from 1 of your blisters or sores for testing

The test cannot:

  • be done if you do not have visible blisters or sores
  • tell you how long you have had herpes or who you got it from

Symptoms might not appear for weeks or even years after you’re infected with the herpes virus.

Can Herpes Simplex Virus Cause Serious Infections

Yes. The most serious, or life-threatening, HSV infections can occur in newborns who are infected during birth and in individuals with weakened immune systems , such as organ transplant recipients and people with HIV/AIDS. Neonatal herpes is a serious condition, but also very rare. While 25-30% of pregnant women have genital herpes, less than 0.1% of babies born in the U.S. each year get neonatal herpes. This means that most women with genital herpes give birth to healthy babies.

HSV lesions tend to be more extensive and persist longer in newborns and immunocompromised people than in individuals who have healthy immune systems.

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What Are The Complications Of Genital Herpes

Genital herpes may cause painful genital ulcers that can be severe and persistent in persons with suppressed immune systems, such as HIV-infected persons. 5 Both HSV-1 and HSV-2 can also cause rare but serious complications such as aseptic meningitis . 5 Development of extragenital lesions may occur during the course of infection. 5

There are also potential complications for a pregnant woman and her newborn child. See How does herpes infection affect a pregnant woman and her baby? below for information about this.

How Long Do Std Test Results Take

Discontinuation of Herpes Simplex virus (HSV) IgM Testing

2-3 days is the average length of time it takes to receive STD test results. However, its very important to make sure you follow certain instructions so your test is as effective as possible. Making sure you take the sample correctly and wait until the incubation period is over can make the difference between a false and a true negative.

The body takes time to recognize and produce antibodies in reaction to the invading bacteria, virus or parasite. This is known as the incubation period.

Taking an STD test too early you may lead to negative result for the disease even if you do have it.

Here are the following incubation periods for some common STDs:

  • Chlamydia: 7-21 days

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How Long Does It Take For Symptoms Of Herpes To Appear

It generally takes anywhere from 4 to 7 days for herpes symptoms to appear. Both genital and oral herpes outbreaks have similar symptoms.

The primary symptom of a herpes outbreak is sores that resemble blisters, called herpes lesions, on the mouth or genitals.

In addition, people may also experience the following symptoms prior to the outbreak:

  • pain and redness, especially around the area the outbreak will occur
  • itching and tingling, primarily in the outbreak area
  • flu-like symptoms, such as fatigue, fever, or swollen lymph nodes

Most of the symptoms that occur before an outbreak indicate that the virus is replicating. Symptoms are usually the worst during the first herpes outbreak.

According to the

Some people with the herpes virus are asymptomatic, which means that they dont experience any physical symptoms of the disease. This doesnt mean that they cant spread the disease, however.

Anyone who has the herpes virus, whether symptomatic or not, can spread the virus to others.

If you have the herpes virus and your body has produced antibodies, it can be detected on a blood test, even if you have no symptoms. The only time the virus might not be detected on a test is if youve been tested too early.

Precautions And Prevention Of Herpes

It is not possible to prevent all exposure to herpes simplex.

The virus is common, and is not always transmitted via sexual contact.

Many people who have HSV-1 do not even know they were exposed. It is possible to get exposed in childhood and never have active outbreaks.

It is possible to practice safe sexual hygiene and prevent the transmission of genital herpes.

You can minimize this risk by:

  • Avoiding sexual contact, kissing, or any type of contact with active sores from someone who is having a current outbreak
  • Using condoms and dental dams during all types of sexual contact
  • Not sharing utensils and cosmetics with someone who has an active herpes outbreak

Whether youre having an outbreak or need long-term treatment, K can help. Get private, online herpes treatment today.

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How Is Herpes Treated

Herpes cannot be cured, but it can be managed. Medications are available that can prevent or shorten the duration of herpes outbreaks. There is a medicine that you can take on a daily basis that can help prevent outbreaks and also lower your risk of spreading the virus to others. Talk to your healthcare provider about your options. Antiviral medications such as acyclovir, famciclovir and valacyclovir can suppress outbreaks and shorten the duration of symptoms and active shedding of virus.

When To See A Doctor

Herpes or ingrown hair ?

People should see their doctor if they think they might have herpes, or if they have any symptoms of herpes. Getting tested for herpes is also important to rule out other sexually transmitted infections.

People can visit their doctor or a sexual health clinic for a test. If people have any sores or blisters present, a healthcare provider will use a swab to take a sample from the sores. The sample will indicate whether or not the sores are due to a herpes infection.

Some people may be concerned that they have the herpes virus but no symptoms. In such cases, a doctor might be able to order a blood test to check for the virus in a persons blood. However, the

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Best Subscription For Herpes Test: Letsgetchecked

The LetsGetChecked home kits can test for both HSV-1 and HSV-2. This test kit may be best for people who require regular testing as the companys subscription options can offer significant discounts.

Collection method
nurses available through LetsGetChecked to discuss positive results
tests for both HSV-1 and HSV-2
Con does not accept insurance

A person receives a collection kit with all the tools they need to collect their samples at home. This includes needles, a prepaid envelope, alcohol swabs, and a tube. The tests come in discreet packaging so that other people will not know what the person has received.

The person also has access to an instruction video on the company website that explains how they should take their test. LetsGetChecked suggests that people take a blood sample before 9 a.m. and return it to the laboratory on the same day.

The company states that it issues the results within 25 days.

Individuals who receive a positive result can contact a nurse through the company, and they may suggest a treatment plan.

LetsGetChecked offers a one-time purchase for $119. Anyone who requires regular testing can purchase a LetsGetChecked subscription and get discounts on its tests. For instance, a 3-monthly subscription will give a person a 30% saving on the cost of the kits.

Do Stds Always Show Up In Results

STDs dont always come up in results.

On average, STDs take 1-3 weeks to show up on a test from the moment that you had unprotected sex.

STD tests detect antibodies in your body, not symptoms. Therefore, if you are experiencing symptoms, you should speak with your doctor as a first point of call.

If you are concerned that you have a sexually transmitted disease but you are not experiencing any symptoms, you should get tested as soon as possible, excluding your annual check up.

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Herpes Tests & Diagnosis

Depending on where you are in the stage of exposure or infection, your medical provider may perform an examination or run tests to provide an accurate diagnosis.

  • Physical examination: If you have active sores, your doctor may examine them to determine if they appear like HSV-1 or HSV-2 sores.
  • Fluid sample: If you have active sores, your medical provider may swab a sore and send the fluid to the laboratory for testing, which can confirm that it is caused by either HSV-1 or HSV-2.
  • Blood tests: If you do not have any active sores or other specific physical signs of herpes simplex, your doctor can order blood tests to identify viral antibodies to confirm a diagnosis.

If you are diagnosed with HSV-1 or HSV-2, your doctor may be able to prescribe antiviral medication to shorten an active outbreak or help alleviate symptoms.

They may also recommend over-the-counter antiviral creams or other products to provide pain relief.

Some medications, when taken orally or applied topically, can prevent outbreaks if used at the first sign of a sore, such as the initial feelings of tingling that precede the formation of a sore.

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The Accuracy Of Various Herpes Tests

This table summarizes the overall accuracy of different herpes tests. Please especially pay attention to the most common test, the IgG testâand most importantly to its false positive and false negative rates.

The table has three columns:

  • Test accuracy: how accurate is the test in detecting the herpes virus
  • False positive: the test detects the presence of herpes, but the person doesnât actually have it
  • False negative: the test doesnât detect the presence of herpes, but the person does have it

Please note: the numbers in the table are averages and may vary from case to case based on factors such as when the test is performed , the testing technique, and the herpes viral load.

Test Type
100% 0% Depends on the time of sample collection: usually 25% but may be up to 70%
Blood test Commercially available IgG test: 94%Washington University test: > 99% Commercially available IgG test: up to 19%Washington University test*: 0% Commercially available IgG test: up to 38%Washington University test*: 0%

* The Washington University test is considered the âgold standardâ blood test. The false-negative and false-positive rates for the commercially available IgG test are based on a comparison to the Western blot results of the Washington University test.

When Is The Hsv 2 Blood Test Most Useful

If someone wants to know if they have genital herpes because of their sexual history, then the HSV 2 blood test can provide conclusive information about whether or not they have been infected. This result can then help to reduce future transmissions to additional sexual partners. It is also useful to confirm a herpes diagnosis if someone is suffering from the symptoms of an active infection.

The symptoms of an HSV 2 infection can be so mild that they are undetectable. Many people who are infected with genital herpes do not know that they have it. If there are active symptoms, however, they will typically involve the presence of a small blister that will eventually break and ooze fluid. The blister than scabs over and becomes a painful sore that takes several weeks to heal.

There may also be flu-like symptoms experienced with the first outbreak of symptoms after the initial infection. This may include a fever, chronic and severe fatigue, nausea, and dizziness.

The issue with an HSV 2 infection is that the body is always shedding the active virus. People can transmit HSV 2 even if they arent experiencing active symptoms. The herpes virus can also make people 2x more susceptible to other STD infections, particularly HIV. This is because small, unnoticeable cracks in the skin can occur around the genital region to allow the virus to have access to the body. Herpes also attracts the cells that HIV likes to infect.

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Best Sti Panel Test For Herpes: Everlywell


Everlywell offers STI test panels for males and females. This test may be most suitable for people who want to test for a wide range of STIs.

Collection method

Once a person has purchased a test, they must register it on Everlywells website. They then need to post the collected samples with prepaid shipping.

Everlywell states that people can receive their test results within 57 of posting the samples. However, several customer reviews on the companys website say they had to wait up to 2 weeks.

The person receives digital and printable results. If they test positive for any STIs, they can connect with Everlywells network of independent physicians for advice and treatment.

This test costs $149. However, people can subscribe for twice-yearly tests and save money per kit. They can also use their FSA or HSA to pay for this test.

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How Long Does Herpes Take To Show Up What To Know

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted infection that can be passed from any type of sexual contact.

HSV-1, also known as oral herpes, can also be passed via non-sexual contact, such as sharing eating utensils or drinks.

If you think you have been exposed, you may wonder how long it could take for an infection to appear.

Some people who get herpes simplex never show signs or symptoms.

For those who do, symptoms may appear as soon as a few days to a few weeks after exposure.

In this article, Ill outline the symptoms of genital and oral herpes, and talk about their transmission and diagnosis.

Ill also explain how long it takes for herpes to incubate and appear, list some precautions and preventive steps you can take.

Whether youre having an outbreak or need long-term treatment, K can help. Get private, online herpes treatment today.

Around half of all American adults under age 50 have a version of herpes simplex.

The virus may go dormant after an initial infection, or may never cause symptoms at all.

Other people may deal with recurrent HSV outbreaks.

It is not always possible to tell whether you have HSV-1 or HSV-2 based on symptoms alone, as the symptoms can overlap.

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