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L Lysine For Herpes Outbreak

Best Herpes Supplements Top Remedy Products For Outbreaks

Protecting Against Herpes

Herpes is more common than you think. Fortunately, herpes supplements can help.

Worldwide, nearly two-thirds of all adults have either oral or genital herpes. According to the CDC, approximately 12% of American adults have genital herpes, with around 500 million people worldwide carrying the HSV-2 virus.

Herpes supplement companies aim to help. Today, nutritional companies have launched products to support your immune systems ability to fight the herpes virus.

Some herpes supplements even claim to specifically target the virus, flooding your body with antiviral compounds to eliminate the virus from your body. Some of the most popular herpes supplements even claim to rid your body of the virus entirely.

Do herpes supplements work? Whats the best herpes supplement available today?

Our editorial team ranked the worlds leading herpes supplements. Here are our picks for the best-rated herpes supplements, capsules, tinctures, and products available today.

How Effective Is Lysine For Cold Sores

Most studies back up the benefits of supplementing with lysine for cold sore breakouts.

One older questionnaire study enrolled 1543 participants with either herpes labialis or genital herpes and had some of them take Lysine supplements. The participants that took the Lysine supplement reported a shorter healing time than the group that did not take Lysine, and 88% considered Lysine an effective treatment for herpes.

A placebo-controlled study had 27 patients with herpes take 1,000mg Lysine 3 times daily for 6 months, and had 25 herpes patients take a placebo 3 times daily. At the end of the 6 months, the group taking Lysine had an average of 2.4 fewer outbreaks, shorter healing times, and less severe symptoms than the placebo group.

However, some studies, like this 1984 study by DiGiovanna, did not find any benefits of Lysine supplementation compared to placebo. But, this could be due to the dosing being much lower than some of the other studies at only 400mg three times daily.

What Can I Eat

A cold sore outbreak cannot be stopped once you have it. What you can do is eat food that helps in preventing the outbreaks. Lysine blocks arginine, and stops the virus from replicating. Lysine-rich foods like vegetables, legumes, milk, cheese and fish are helpful in strengthening your immune system and preventing cold sore.

As for foods during an outbreak, cold foods, vegetable juices, and warm soups can satisfy your hunger while preventing the sore from being aggravated.

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Cold Sore And Genital Herpes Outbreak Prevention

Health professionals with the University of Maryland Medical Center report regular treatment with lysine supplements may help prevent the outbreak of cold sores in people with oral herpes, a viral infection. Additionally, this supplement may reduce the frequency of genital herpes outbreaks, a sexually-transmitted disease. In such cases, lysine supplements may help diminish the appearance of painful, inflamed skin lesions across the genital region. However, additional research is necessary to further examine the effect lysine supplements have on herpes outbreaks.

Dosage For Treating Or Preventing Cold Sores

MediViral Extra Strength Herpes Cold Sore L

Lysine is available as an oral supplement and a cream.

To treat a cold sore infection, apply lysine cream to the affected area every two hours for 11 days.

To manage cold sore infections, the recommended dosage for oral supplements is 1 gram three times daily. To help prevent them, the dosage is 1 gram daily.

Its also recommended that you take a zinc and vitamin C supplement to provide your immune system with an additional boost.

If you see no improvement in your condition, discuss dosages and alternative treatment with your doctor. If you begin to experience worsening symptoms, stop treatment immediately.

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List Of Foods That Can Cause Herpes Outbreaks

The following foods all contain very high amounts of arginine and very low amounts of lysine, which is what can trigger those super fun and pleasurable herps explosions you probably know all too well.

If you have the herps, I would HIGHLY recommend you either avoid these foods completely or be very, very cautious when you do have them and only have a TINY bit and even then, try to make sure youre having a high lysine food with it to help balance it out and give yourself the best chance at preventing a herpes outbreak.

The only exceptions are onions and garlic dont worry about onions and garlic unless you are eating them by themselves in large amounts. You are most likely already consuming these in small amounts, and their nutritional properties are super valuable, so if thats the case, you should be good to go with those two.

  • Macadamia Nuts
  • White Rice
  • Brown Rice

Below is a chart so you can see all of the specific data for each food for yourself. I extracted all of the info in the chart from the USDA FoodData Central website and then sorted the foods with the highest ratio of arginine vs lysine at the top.

Btw, if you want to find the lysine and arginine ratio of any food thats not listed above, you can search individually for them on the USDA FoodData Central website, or you can save yourself tons of time andgrab a copy my Lysine vs Arginine Food Ratio Charts below!

What Do The Studies Show

Some studies have shown that taking lysine on a regular basis can reduce the duration of cold sores symptoms. One study found that 3 grams a day for a period of six months reduced the number of cold sores and shortened the healing time . Another study showed that lysine accelerated the healing process for 87% of participants, reducing the average time from 21 days to 6 days . A comparable result was reported in a 12-month double-blind, crossover study with 1 gram of lysine per day .

Experts generally agree that lysine may not prevent cold sores but may reduce recurrences or the severity of symptoms. A review published in 2017 concluded that more, longer-term studies are needed for daily doses of lysine in excess of 1.2 grams to definitively test the role of lysine in the prevention of the herpes virus .

Note that not only the absolute amount of lysine but also the ratio of lysine to arginine plays a role. Foods that have a relatively high ratio of lysine to arginine are yogurt, cheese and goats milk. Nuts, sesame seeds and snails have a high ratio of arginine to lysine .

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What Does Lysine Have To Do With Herpes

One other function of lysine well, not so much a function as an effect is that it competes with another amino acid known as arginine for space in our cells. Each of our cells has little tiny doors on them through which certain substances may pass.

Think of those little doors as the holes in the childs toy where the objective is to put the round object through the round hole and the square object through the square hole. The round object will not go through the square hole and vice versa.

Lysine and arginine are like two different colored square blocks. They are both competing to get through the square doors on the cell walls. Only one can pass at a time, so if there are tons of lysine blocks and only a few arginine blocks duking it out at the cell door trying to be the one that gets through, by simple probability there will be more lysine blocks that will make it in than arginine before there is no more room.

Monolaurin Dosage And Protocols

Febrile Baby: Herpes Simplex Virus â Pediatrics | Lecturio

Monolaurin is generally regarded as safe by the Food and Drug Administration , and some individuals choose to take it as a dietary supplement.

A monolaurin dosage will generally be separated into three stages, as explained below. For more detailed dosing information, see the Monolaurin Dosage Guide.

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Calculate How Much Lysine Vs Arginine You Eat

Once you have the values for each of the foods on your list, do a simple tally of each column. What is the ratio of lysine to arginine? Is lysine significantly higher, about the same, or significantly lower than arginine?

Of course, this will not tell you your daily ratio of lysine to arginine. In order to get that, you would have to make a list each day of those foods and tally those amounts. Most of us will not take the time to do that, so just getting a ballpark idea of our lysine to arginine ratio is a good jumping-off point.

Even if you dont want to track your meals every day, you might track them for one week to get a typical day-by-day ratio. If you make your original list of foods you commonly eat in a spreadsheet, then you just need to copy and paste your data to calculate your daily values.

Take A Food Inventory

The best way to approach this question is to make a list of foods that you commonly eat and then make two columns next to this list. Title one column lysine and the other arginine.

Next, visit the SuperTracker at and look up each food on the list. Write down its lysine and arginine values.

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How Can I Best Learn To Cope With Herpes Simplex

Some people feel distressed or embarrassed about their herpes simplex infection. Its important to understand that the herpes virus is common. For most people, herpes doesnt significantly interfere with daily life.

To cope with negative feelings, you may consider:

  • Connecting with others through support groups or online forums.
  • Sharing your feelings with a trusted friend or loved one.
  • Speaking with a therapist.

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What The Research Says

Lysine For Cold Sores and Herpes

If you eat a balanced diet that includes red meat, fish, and dairy products, you probably consume enough lysine. Its also widely advertised as a dietary supplement. In the body, lysine knocks out another protein building block, or amino acid, called arginine. To boost the effect of lysine, avoid arginine-rich foods such as nuts and seeds.

A large review concluded that L-lysine had no reliable effect on cold sores. In a smaller study that seemed to show an effect, participants took an average of just over 900 milligrams of the supplement daily for six months. At this or even higher levels, L-lysine appears to have no toxic effects.

Whether L-lysine is likely to work on reducing the intensity or duration of shingles symptoms is a separate question.

Theres not a shred of evidence that it works, says Aaron Glatt, MD, chairman of the department of medicine at South Nassau Communities Hospital and spokesman for the Infectious Diseases Society of America.

Its probably not dangerous, but I wouldnt tell someone to spend money on it.

If youd like to explore L-lysine as a treatment option for shingles, make an appointment with your doctor. You can discuss whether its the right treatment for you.

More research is needed to determine the short- and long-term effects of taking L-lysine supplements. A number of side effects have been reported with L-lysine ingestion, although it isnt clear whether theyre consistent.

Possible side effects include:

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What Are The Symptoms Of Herpes

The hallmark of HSV infection is a blister or cluster of blisters that often feels tingly and itchy at first, becoming sore later, eventually crusting over and disappearing. An initial episode of herpes may produce fever, malaise, and enlargement of local lymph nodes recurrences are usually milder but may begin with a brief period of general malaise. Once you get infected, the virus is with you for life. It lives in nerve cells where the immune system cannot find it, becoming re-activated from time to time. Common triggers of herpes outbreaks are colds and other viral infections, fatigue, sun exposure, physical irritation of the skin, and emotional stress. Some people are bothered by outbreaks once a year or less, while others may get them every few weeks.

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What Is Lysine Used For

Lysine supplements are used to treat a wide range of conditions, including:

Proponents say lysine supplements can boost the immune system. They are also used to aid in muscle repair and improve muscle strength.

So far, there is not enough clinical evidence to support most of these uses.

A few studies suggest that lysine supplements can be used to treat certain health conditions. Heres a look at some key study findings.

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How To Use Lysine For Herpes

While incorporating Lysine-rich foods into your diet can be effective, it can also pose health problems for those with specific conditions that are sensitive to large amounts of protein-rich foods. The easiest way is to use Lysine in its free form.

Lysine supplements for herpes are also very effective when theyre taken right before activities that serve as triggers for flareups.

Outside of taking it to control flareups, symptoms, and maintenance between remission, you should also take it before drinking alcohol, sun exposure, binge eating, and stressful situations.

What makes Lysine dosage for herpes so difficult to determine is that youll get conflicting information from everyone and everywhere.

While the WHO has set the recommended daily requirements at 12 mg/kg-1 once a day, studies show that males need three times that amount. It does bring into question exactly how much youll need when treating herpes.

As a general guideline, well use the scientifically-researched doses.

For cold sore supplementation, you should take 1,000 mg three times daily for six months. Continue taking 1,000 mg once daily for 12 months.

For topical application during outbreaks, you should be applying your choice of creams, chap-sticks, and the like every two hours for 11 days. You should also be taking Lysine supplements for herpes three times daily in 1,000 mg strengths for for six months.

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Ready To Try Monolaurin But Not Sure Where To Start

Cure for the Herpes Virus ! Herpes oral & genital- Causes, Symptoms,Treatment

There are many factors which should be considered when purchasing Monolaurin, which include:

  • What Monolaurin source is best Coconut or Palm Kernel

  • What is the recommended way to take Monolaurin Capsule or Pellet

  • What is an Excipient, and why does it matter Synthetic or Natural

  • What hat to look for to ensure manufacturing safety Certifications and Location

All of these questions can be answered in the comprehensive Monolaurin Buying Guide.

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Foods To Help Reduce The Frequency Of Herpes Outbreaks

The Canadian Government recently recognized that a diet rich in the amino acid l-lysine may help protect against oral herpes outbreaks. In fact, in Canada l-lysine supplements can now make a cold sore treatment label claim. The United States FDA has not yet followed suit. However, for those who suffer from herpes outbreaks a diet rich in l-lysine, and low in l-arginine is well worth trying.

The easy method of increasing lysine intake is to take an l-lysine supplement. However, you can also examine this list of foods that are rich in lysine and those rich in arginine :

Eat these Foods Rich in Lysine

In addition, immune-boosting herbs might help. Garlic, Olive Leaf, Echinacea, Propolis and Licorice have a traditional value in boosting the immune system. In Chinese medicine, Astragalus is often prescribed for those suffering from oral herpes.

There is not a cure for herpes but you may be able to keep the condition in check with a proper diet.

Treatment Options And Foods To Help Curb Outbreaks

The war on herpes has raged for centuries. In the first century A.D., Tiberius, Emperor of Rome, actually banned kissing to combat a herpes epidemic.

What is herpes?

Although many think of herpes as a skin infection, it is actually an inflammation of the sensory nerves. In between outbreaks, the herpes DNA survives in nerve centers at the base of the brain called ganglia. During outbreaks, the DNA replicates, forming a virus. The virus passes down the nerve to the skin, where it causes lesions.

HSV-1 and HSV-2 are transmitted by contact usually kissing or sexual contact. They tend to occur orally or genitally because our skin provides sufficient protection against transmission except where it is very thin and sensitive like on the lips or genitals.

Our immune system is able to combat the virus, but the catch is that the virus retreats from our immune defenses and hides, lying dormant in the ganglia, nerves at along the spinal cord. Periodically, the virus retraces its way to the lips or genitals, and causes another outbreak.

Research Provides a Solution

Now, new research is providing successful treatment alternatives.

Studies show that the amino acid l-lysine can be effective as a dietary supplement, and when applied topically.

Lysine Supplements the herpes preventative

In Canada, the government allows lysine to be sold as a cold sore treatment, giving further validity to the concept.

Topical Lysine #1 Treatment option

Treatment and Prevention

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Interactions With Supplements Foods & Other Compounds

Lysine supplementation increases the absorption of calcium and may reduce its excretion.1 As a result, some researchers believe that lysine may eventually be shown to have a role in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.2

Lysine works with other essential amino acids to maintain growth, lean body mass, and the bodys store of nitrogen.

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