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Red Light Therapy Genital Herpes

Treatment Options For Oral Herpes

Red Light Therapy Benefits – Does it Really Work?

Oral herpes, also known as cold sores, can be treated using a number of affordable over-the-counter products .


Abreva® is an over-the-counter cream used to treat cold sores and fever blisters. It contains the only non-prescription ingredient approved by the FDA to accelerate the cold sore healing process. Apply Abreva® directly to your cold sore at the first sign of emergence for best results. This OTC treatment can be used up to five times a day, or as directed by your doctor.

When used at the first sign of that cold sore tingle, Abreva® can reduce healing time to between 2.5 and 4.1 days. It works by blocking the herpes virus from entering healthy skin cells and replicating. This means that Abreva® delivers the best results when applied in evenly spaced intervals to keep the skin consistently covered.


Orajel is a popular over-the-counter medication for instant and targeted pain relief in and around the mouth. For herpes simplex cold sores, the Orajel Cold Sore formula includes six active ingredients shown to treat the pain, itching, and dryness caused by cold sores.

Orajel uses a combination of skin protectants, topical anesthetics, and topical analgesics to temporarily relieve symptoms of cold sores and fever blisters. The product is applied directly to the cold sore and blended well until the green tint disappears. Its safe to apply Orajel up to four times a day to maintain comfort.

How Are These Disorders Diagnosed

Based on an individuals medical history and findings from a general physical exam, a physician will conduct a thorough neurological exam to assess various functions: motor and sensory skills, nerve function, hearing and speech, vision, coordination and balance, mental status, and changes in mood or behavior. The physician may order laboratory tests andone or more of the following procedures to help diagnose neurological complications of AIDS.

Brain imaging can reveal signs of brain inflammation, tumors and CNS lymphomas, nerve damage, bleeding, white matter irregularities, and other abnormalities. Several painless imaging procedures are used to help diagnose neurological complications of AIDS.

  • Computed tomography uses x-rays and a computer to produce two-dimensional images of bone and tissue to show inflammation, certain brain tumors and cysts, brain damage from head injury, and other abnormalities. It provides more details than an x-ray alone.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging uses a computer-generated radio waves, and a powerful magnetic field to produce either a detailed three-dimensional picture or a two-dimensional slice of body structures, including tissues, organs, bones, and nerves. It does not use the ionizing radiation that an x-ray does and provides a better look at tissue located near bone.

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Genital Herpes And Pregnancy

Women with herpes before pregnancy can usually expect to have a healthy baby and a vaginal delivery.

If you have genital herpes during pregnancy, there’s a risk your baby could develop a serious illness called neonatal herpes.

This can be fatal, but most babies recover with antiviral treatment.

The risk of your baby getting neonatal herpes is low if you have had genital herpes before.

It’s higher if you get genital herpes for the first time in pregnancy.

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Are Antiviral Medications Safe

Antiviral medications are considered to be very safe. They are nearly always well tolerated because the active ingredients only have an effect in cells that have been infected by the virus.

People who have kidney failure may need to take a lower dose because the medication is removed from the body through the kidneys.

Herpes And Newborn Infants

Luminance RED

Herpes infection in a newborn can cause a range of symptoms, including skin rash, fevers, mouth sores, and eye infections. If left untreated, neonatal herpes is a very serious and even life-threatening condition. Neonatal herpes can spread to the brain and central nervous system, causing encephalitis and meningitis. It also can lead to intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, and death. Herpes can also spread to internal organs, such as the liver and lungs.

Infants infected with herpes are treated with acyclovir, an antiviral drug. They usually receive several weeks of intravenous acyclovir treatment, often followed by several months of oral acyclovir. It is important to treat babies quickly, before the infection spreads to the brain and other organs.

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How Often Should You Use Light Therapy For Sleep

For sleep benefits, people should incorporate light therapy into their daily routine and try to limit exposure to bright blue light. This is especially important in the hours before you go to sleep. With consistent use, light therapy users may see improvements in sleep outcomes, as demonstrated in peer-reviewed clinical trials and reviews.

Frequency And Causes Of Cold Sore Breakouts

Some people may have flare-ups that are years apart, months apart, or fairly frequently. While there may not always be an obvious reason for an outbreak, sometimes cold sores are brought on by stress or a weakened immune system, such as when a person is fighting a cold or another illness. In others, there is no way to predict what may cause fever blisters to appear.

Cold Sore Stages & Symptoms

Lesions of the lips can be uncomfortable and disfiguring, lasting on average between 7-10 days, though they can remain visible for up to two weeks. The first symptom that an outbreak may be occurring is a tingling of the area where the sore will appear, sometimes accompanied by a fever or swollen glands.

As the flare-up progresses, the skin may be itchy and red, and lesions will appear in one or more areas of the lips, typically the corners of the lips or on the lips themselves. Blisters will form and may rupture a clear fluid before developing an outer crust.

Cold sores can be very itchy, painful and a great source of discomfort. Most people also find them very embarrassing and impossible to hide. Fortunately, there are several ways to control HSV-1, from antiviral medications to topical ointments.

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How Do Light Treatments Work

Generally, light treatments work by stimulating your cells to make energy and heal more efficiently. Light treatments have also been shown to reduce inflammation and pain associated with various skin conditions by improving blood flow to damaged tissues. Phototherapy has also been found in numerous clinical trials to increase the bodys antioxidant defenses.

Cold Sore Treatment Options

Red light therapy offers full-body benefits without side effects

There is no cure for herpes, but there are cold sore treatments that can help prevent and control a persons HSV-1 symptoms. So how to get rid of cold sores? For most people, over-the-counter medications are sufficient for finding relief from the occasional cold sore outbreak.

For some people who suffer from frequent outbreaks, treatment with a dentist or physician may be necessary. Prescription medications like Valtrex or acyclovir address the viral components of HSV-1. There is also a unique treatment option offered by aesthetic dentists, dermatologists, and physicians: laser treatment for cold sores.

When patients feel a cold sore beginning to form, they can schedule an appointment with Dr. Lazare to prevent the lesions from progressing. In existing cold sores, laser cold sore treatment can significantly cut down the standard healing time.

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Risk For Genital Herpes

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , about 1 in 6 Americans ages 14 to 49 years have genital herpes. While HSV-2 remains the main cause of genital herpes, HSV-1 has significantly increased as a cause, most likely because of oral-genital sex. Except for people in monogamous relationships with uninfected partners, everyone who is sexually active is at risk for genital herpes.

Risk factors for genital herpes include:

  • History of an STD
  • First sexual intercourse at an early age
  • High number of sexual partners
  • Low socioeconomic status

Women are more susceptible to HSV-2 infection because herpes is more easily transmitted from men to women than from women to men. About 1 in 5 women, compared to 1 in 9 men, have genital herpes. African-American women are at particularly high risk.

People with compromised immune systems, such as those who have HIV, are at very high risk for genital herpes. These people are also at risk for more severe complications from herpes. Drugs that suppress the immune system, and organ transplantation, can also weaken the immune system and increase the risk for contracting genital herpes.

What Is Genital Herpes

There is not a cure for genital herpes, but various treatments like ointments, drugs, and at-home remedies are used to improve quality of life during outbreaks. In this article, well also break down light treatments for genital herpes, and the clinical research being done on phototherapy and herpes simplex virus.

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Talk With Your Doctor About Herpes Medications

Its important to first talk with your doctor before using over-the-counter products like docosanol or other home remedies.

If this is the first time you have symptoms of HSV with blisters or sores, your doctor will first diagnose if you have HSV, the type and discuss options to manage your condition. They will tell you about prescription and nonprescription alternatives to treat your HSV infection.

Tell your doctor if you have any serious health conditions including if you have a weakened immune system.

Your doctor will also tell you what you can expect with an HSV infection, how long it may last, and what do to prevent spreading HSV to others while you have an active infection.

Here are answers to a few commonly asked questions about herpes simplex virus.

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Transmission Of Genital Herpes

Sinoriko Red Light Therapy Device

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease spread by skin-to-skin contact. The risk of infection is highest during outbreak periods when there are visible sores and lesions. However, genital herpes can also be transmitted when there are no visible symptoms. Most new cases of genital herpes infection do not cause symptoms, and many people infected with HSV-2 are unaware that they have genital herpes.

To help prevent genital herpes transmission:

  • Use a condom for sexual intercourse.
  • Use a dental dam for oral sex.
  • Limit your number of sexual partners.
  • Be aware that nonoxynol-9, the chemical spermicide used in gel and foam contraceptive products and some lubricated condoms, does not protect against STDs.

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Cold Sores Vs Canker Sores

In addition to confusion about the differences between the two types of herpes simplex virus, there is also a lot of confusion surrounding the difference between cold sores and canker sores.

As explained above, cold sores are the result of a contagious virus, HSV-1, spread from person to person. The sores typically occur on the external mouth, or less commonly, other areas of the face like the cheeks or chin. Many people test positive for this virus, though some will never show symptoms.

Canker sores, or aphthous ulcers, are non-contagious lesions that cannot be passed between people. They occur on the soft tissue of the oral cavity, including the cheeks, tongue, and inside the lips.

The exact cause of canker sores is unknown, but there is a familial link, and young people and women tend to be more susceptible. Many people notice the ulcers after they have eaten acidic or spicy foods, or experience some other intraoral irritation. Canker sores only affect about 20% of people. Cold sores and canker sores are not at all related.

Who Gets Genital Herpes

Anyone can get genital herpes through contact with sores or people with HSV infections. It is a very common condition, affecting roughly 15% of the United States teen and adult population. Genital herpes spreads most among people who have multiple sexual partners and dont practice safe sex.

Women are more likely to get genital herpes than are men. The virus is sexually transmitted more easily from men to women than from women to men.

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Common Side Effects Of Genital Herpes Treatments

Doctors commonly prescribe antiviral medications to treat genital herpes. These medications are highly effective at preventing and reducing outbreaks, and also at preventing the spread of herpes from person to person.

But just like any other medication, antivirals for genital herpes carry the risk of certain side effects.

The Difference Between Symptoms And Side Effects

Good to Know: Red light therapy

Medically speaking, a side effect is different from a symptom.

A symptom is a noticeable change in the body that indicates the presence of disease or dysfunction. Fever, cough and headache are all examples of symptoms of the flu.

A side effect, on the other hand, is a secondary, undesired negative effect usually from a treatment or medication. For example, chemotherapy drugs are intended to kill cancer cells. That’s their desired effect. But many chemotherapy patients lose their hair. This is a side effect of the chemotherapy. It’s not the reason patients take the medication, but it occurs nonetheless.

Below, we’ll look at both symptoms and side effects. We’ll discuss some common symptoms of genital herpes, possible social side effects of genital herpes, and the most common side effects of genital herpes treatments.

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The Value For Money Is:

One of the sayings goes, you get what you pay for.. Buying something for the lowest price is almost never a good idea. Therefore, buying an expensive product with no real value isnt a good choice at all. The key to evaluating the value of your ointment for genital herpes is to evaluate what youre getting for your money.

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Suppressive Therapy For Recurrences

To suppress outbreaks, treatment requires taking pills daily on a long-term basis. Acyclovir and famciclovir are taken twice a day for suppression. Valacyclovir is taken once a day. The doses for these antiviral drugs are reduced in people with impaired renal function.

Suppressive treatment can reduce the frequency of outbreak recurrences by 70% to 80%. It is generally recommended for people who have frequent recurrences . Because herpes recurrences often diminish over time, you should discuss annually with your provider whether you should stay with drug therapy or discontinue it.

There is some evidence that valacyclovir may help prevent herpes transmission, particularly in situations where one heterosexual partner has HSV-2 and the other partner does not. However, this drug does not completely prevent transmission. While taking any suppressive therapy for genital herpes, it is still important to regularly use latex condoms and to avoid any sexual activity during recurrences.

The Healing Effects Of Light

Red Light Therapy

The use of light for healing has a long history. It is today known as Phototherapy. But the early Aryans used to worship the Sun not only as a source of life and light, but also for its therapeutic effects. The Romans used sunlight for its curative effects on wound suffered in battles. In ancient India, people believed in bathing the physically handicapped with water, that had been heated by sunlight. With the advent of Laser major ailments are cured with the help of this wonder light. In complicated surgeries, a broken or ruptured artery can be instantaneously repaired with Laser thus stopping fatal blood loss. Laser is also increasingly applied in medical cases where no ethical treatment is available.

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Antiviral Medicine Can Be Taken Daily

For some people, taking an antiviral medicine every day works best because they have:

  • Frequent outbreaks

  • A partner who doesnt have the virus

Frequent outbreaks

Even if you treat an outbreak, you can have new outbreaks. Some people have several outbreaks a year. If you have six or more outbreaks a year, your dermatologist may recommend taking an antiviral medicine every day.

Taken daily, this medicine can reduce how often you have an outbreak. Studies show its safe to take daily and can reduce outbreaks by 70% to 80%.

A partner who doesnt have the virus

If your partner doesnt have the virus that causes genital herpes, taking an antiviral medicine every day can decrease the risk of passing the virus to your sexual partner.

Even when taking medicine, you can still give your partner the virus. You can reduce this risk by skipping sex when you have sores and wearing a condom when you dont.

If you decide to take medicine daily, youll likely take it every day for at least one year. At the end of one year, your dermatologist should re-evaluate you to see if you still need to take an antiviral every day.

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What About A Herpes Vaccine

Researchers have been experimenting with potential herpes vaccines for decades, but to date, only the shingles and chickenpox variants of herpes can be prevented with a vaccine.

Clinical trial testing for herpes vaccines has proved difficult for many reasons, including asymptomatic infection and unpredictable viral shedding.

However, a new study from the University of Cincinnati, Northwestern University, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln hopes to accomplish what others have not. The studys research team has genetically edited a form of herpes simplex virus and rewired it so that it cant hide out in the nervous system during dormant periods. Early results suggest theres hope for a vaccine, but just as with the CRISPR herpes cure, final results are still years away.

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