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Can You Catch Herpes From Oral Sex

Human Papilloma Virus Or Genital Warts

How Contagious is Herpes?

HPV is known as the virus that can cause cervical cancer in women. But HPV can lead to a range of other cancers too such as throat or oral cancer or cancers of other parts of the genitals and other serious diseases.

HPV is a common virus that can affect both males and females. Its passed on through either genital or oral sex. HPV affects both heterosexual and same sex partners.

Some strains of HPV result in genital warts soft growths that occur on the genitals although its rare for genital warts to be passed to the mouth and lips through oral sex. Genital warts are very common, but cant be cured. They may be treated with medications or surgery.

Sometimes HPV shows no signs or symptoms at all.

Your risk of HPV is higher the more partners you have. Contracting HPV doesnt guarantee cancer, but US studies have shown more than 50% of cases of oral cancer can be linked back to HPV, for instance. Men are more at risk than women.

If you suspect you have HPV or genital warts, talk to your doctor.

What Should I Do If I Have Genital Herpes

If you have genital herpes:

  • See a doctor or nurse as soon as possible for testing and treatment.
  • Take all of the medicine. Even if symptoms go away, you need to finish all of the antiviral medicine.
  • Tell your sex partner so they can be tested and treated if necessary.
  • Avoid any sexual contact while you are being treated for genital herpes or while you have an outbreak.
  • Remember that genital herpes is a lifelong disease. Even though you may not have a genital herpes outbreak for long periods of time, you can still pass the virus to another person at any time. Talk with your doctor or nurse about how to prevent passing the virus to another person.

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How Do You Get Herpes

The skin on your genitals, mouth, and eyes can be infected easily. Other areas of skin may get infected if theres a way for the herpes virus to get in, like through a cut, burn, rash, or other sores. You dont have to have sex to get herpes. Sometimes herpes can be passed in non-sexual ways, like if a parent with a cold sore gives you a peck on the lips. Most people with oral herpes got it when they were kids. A mother can pass genital herpes to a baby during vaginal childbirth, but thats pretty rare.

You can spread herpes to other parts of your body if you touch a herpes sore and then touch your mouth, genitals, or eyes without washing your hands first. You can also pass herpes to someone else this way.

Herpes is most contagious when sores are open and wet, because fluid from herpes blisters easily spreads the virus. But herpes can also shed and get passed to others when there are no sores and your skin looks totally normal.

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Treatment The First Time You Have Genital Herpes

You may be prescribed:

  • antiviral medicine to stop the symptoms getting worse you need to start taking this within 5 days of the symptoms appearing
  • cream for the pain

If you have had symptoms for more than 5 days before you go to a sexual health clinic, you can still get tested to find out the cause.

Oral Sex And Herpes: A Triple Header

Recurrent Herpes &  Dating Life With Herpes

Dear Alice,

An incredible woman, who I’ve been seeing for a few weeks, has just informed me she has genital herpes. I really like her and am going to continue seeing her. Although it is not an issue right now, as we get closer and more intimate I am concerned about our sexual relations. I know that wearing a condom will prevent the transmission of herpes, but how can I prevent the transmission if I perform oral sex on her? I enjoy giving oral sex and would like to know how I can do this with her. Please help.

Thanks,Need Info

Dear Alice,

My partner and I are desperately seeking information regarding safe sex and herpes. HELP!!! First, we want to know if oral sex is a possibility. Second, can we rub up against each other when no sores are present???


Dear Alice,

My boyfriend has genital herpes â I do not. We are currently practicing safe sex, but would like to know what risks are involved in having sex without a condom when no episode is present, and if oral sex without a condom is a possibility and what the risks are. Please help us!


Dear Need Info, Desperate, and Safe, but curious,

Originally published

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Yes You Can Get Herpes From Kissing

Unfortunately, its not a myth. HSV-1, or oral herpes, is spread through direct contact, which means it is possible to become infected if you kiss a person that has the virus.

In fact, even if that person isnt experiencing an outbreak or showing any symptoms of the virus, they can still spread it to you via a process called asymptomatic viral shedding.

Even if its just a peck on the lips, its still enough contact to spread the virus under the right circumstances.

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How Do You Get Herpes Causes Symptoms And Prevention

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Dr. Katalin Karolyi

Dr. Katalin Karolyi

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Maybe you think you have herpes and youre wondering how you got itor youre wondering how to avoid getting it. Either way, theres a lot you should know about the herpes simplex virus to help prevent its spread. So, how do you get herpes, and how can you avoid spreading it to others?

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Valacyclovir From Strut For Cold Sores Or Genital Herpes

Strut offers Free Online Doctorâs Visits with our licensed medical team. Every day we help people navigate HSV1 and HSV2 treatment. We offer Valacyclovir as an antiviral treatment. This prescription may speed up the outbreak healing process and might help prevent future outbreaks.

If our doctors think you are a good candidate, Strut can ship your prescription right to your door.

How Common Is Genital Herpes

Sexual Health – Herpes

Genital herpes infection is common in the United States. CDC estimated that there were 572,000 new genital herpes infections in the United States in a single year.1 Nationwide, 11.9 % of persons aged 14 to 49 years have HSV-2 infection .2 However, the prevalence of genital herpes infection is higher than that because an increasing number of genital herpes infections are caused by HSV-1. 3 Oral HSV-1 infection is typically acquired in childhood because the prevalence of oral HSV-1 infection has declined in recent decades, people may have become more susceptible to contracting a genital herpes infection from HSV-1. 4

HSV-2 infection is more common among women than among men the percentages of those infected during 2015-2016 were 15.9% versus 8.2% respectively, among 14 to 49 year olds. 2 This is possibly because genital infection is more easily transmitted from men to women than from women to men during penile-vaginal sex. 5 HSV-2 infection is more common among non-Hispanic blacks than among non-Hispanic whites . 2 A previous analysis found that these disparities, exist even among persons with similar numbers of lifetime sexual partners. Most infected persons may be unaware of their infection in the United States, an estimated 87.4% of 14 to 49 year olds infected with HSV-2 have never received a clinical diagnosis. 6

The age-adjusted percentage of persons in the United States infected with HSV-2 decreased from 18.0% in 19992000 to 12.1% in 2015-2016. 2

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Herpes And Oral Sex: Womens Risks

Receiving Oral Sex, Vaginal Intercourse Boost Chance of Herpes Infection

That’s the type of herpes that’s most commonly known to cause infections of the mouth and lips, often called fever blisters or cold sores.

HSV-1 and another herpes virus — herpes simplex virus type 2 — make up genital herpes. An estimated 45 million people aged 12 or older in the U.S. have had genital herpes, says the CDC. That’s one in five teens or adults. The number of people in the U.S. with genital herpes increased 30% from the late 1970s to the early 1990s, says the CDC.

HSV-1 has been traditionally thought to spread “above the waist,” while HSV-2 has a reputation for transmission through sexual behavior “below the belt,” say University of Pittsburgh researchers.

But now, they’ve shown that women can also catch HSV-1 through vaginal or oral sex.

How To Prevent Transmission

Firstly, its important to remember that most adults already have oral HSV-1 and have been exposed to the virus as a child through kissing relatives or friends. But many do not have symptoms. According to the CDC, close to 50% of adults in the United States have HSV-1 infectionsand it stays with you for life . Nothing is 100% effective against the transmission of herpes.

HSV-1 and HSV-2 are highly contagiouseven the slightest touch during an outbreak can cause the virus to spread. Skin-to-skin contact, genital contact, and oral contact can all cause viral transmission. Practicing safe sex and using dental dams or condoms may help protect you and your sexual partner.

You can also talk to your healthcare provider about taking prescription antiviral medication, like valacyclovir, to treat both oral and genital herpes and decrease the chance of sharing the virus with your partner. Take special care to avoid interacting with newborns or people with weak immune systems if you have a known herpes virus outbreak, as herpes viruses can cause serious illness in these populations.

Having HSV-1 or HSV-2 infections may feel alienating, but youre not aloneand there are ways to manage both oral and genital herpes. Having cold sores definitely doesnt have to put a stop to your active and healthy sex life.

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How To Protect Yourself From Herpes

Protecting yourself against a herpes infection is incredibly difficult because many people dont show any symptoms. You may be a carrier yourself but never experience a single outbreak. Whilst avoiding all sexual contact is not an option for most people, there are several things you could do to minimize your risk of contracting genital herpes.

  • Always use a condom during sex.
  • Do not share cutlery, toothbrushes or towels with others.
  • Avoid kissing a person with cold sores.
  • Some studies have shown that antiviral drugs such as valaciclovir can lower the risk of transmission when taken daily. But antivirals are not a replacement for practicing safe sex.

    How Do People Get Genital Herpes

    Oral and genital herpes symptoms in men

    Infections are transmitted through contact with HSV in herpes lesions, mucosal surfaces, genital secretions, or oral secretions. 5 HSV-1 and HSV-2 can be shed from normal-appearing oral or genital mucosa or skin. 7,8 Generally, a person can only get HSV-2 infection during genital contact with someone who has a genital HSV-2 infection. However, receiving oral sex from a person with an oral HSV-1 infection can result in getting a genital HSV-1 infection. 4 Transmission commonly occurs from contact with an infected partner who does not have visible lesions and who may not know that he or she is infected. 7 In persons with asymptomatic HSV-2 infections, genital HSV shedding occurs on 10.2% of days, compared to 20.1% of days among those with symptomatic infections. 8

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    How Is Genital Herpes Diagnosed

    HSV nucleic acid amplification tests are the most sensitive and highly specific tests available for diagnosing herpes. However, in some settings viral culture is the only test available. The sensitivity of viral culture can be low, especially among people who have recurrent or healing lesions. Because viral shedding is intermittent, it is possible for someone to have a genital herpes infection even though it was not detected by NAAT or culture. 11

    Type-specific virologic tests can be used for diagnosing genital herpes when a person has recurrent symptoms or lesion without a confirmatory NAAT, culture result, or has a partner with genital herpes. Both virologic tests and type-specific serologic tests should be available in clinical settings serving patients with, or at risk for, sexually transmitted infections. 11

    Given performance limitations with commercially available type-specific serologic tests , a confirmatory test with a second method should be performed before test interpretation. If confirmatory tests are unavailable, patients should be counseled about the limitations of available testing before serologic testing. Healthcare providers should also be aware that false-positive results occur. In instances of suspected recent acquisition, serologic testing within 12 weeks after acquisition may be associated with false negative test results. 11

    Providers are strongly encouraged to look at CDCs STI Treatment Guidelines for further diagnostic considerations.

    How Are Cold Sores Spread

    The question how are cold sores spread? is one of the most frequently asked questions about these painful, fluid-filled blisters that appear around the mouth and lips. Knowing how cold sores are spread, why cold sores are so contagious and when they are serious can help reduce your risk of a cold sore outbreak and prevent spreading cold sores to others.

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    What Is Genital Herpes And How Is It Spread

    Genital herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus type 2 . More recent studies have shown that type 1 could also be causing genital herpes.

    HSV 1 is mostly transmitted through contact with the mouth. Saliva and open sores can contain the virus. It can be spread by kissing someone who is a carrier, sharing a toothbrush or cutlery, and sexual contact.

    Order safe and effective treatment for genital herpes

    Because it is so easily spread, HSV 1 is incredibly common. Around half of the worlds population is estimated to be carriers. Herpes type 2 is less common but still affects a considerable percentage of the global population. An estimated 417 million people worldwide are carriers of HSV 2.

    The risk of HSV 2 transmission from a male patient to an uninfected female partner is higher than female to male transmission. The risk of contracting genital herpes increases with the number of sexual partners and frequency of sex.

    Testing For Genital Herpes

    Syphilis | Clinical Presentation

    If you think you may have genital herpes you should make an appointment with your GP or local sexual health services.

    If there are symptoms present such as blisters, sores and ulcers, your doctor or nurse may be able to make a diagnosis straight away.

    If you have visible blisters, your doctor or nurse may take a swab for testing, to check if this is herpes and what type. This swab can also test for another STI which causes blisters called syphilis.

    The genital herpes swab tests are very reliable, though if the ulcer is too dry then it may be less likely to find a positive result.

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    What Can You Do To Prevent Std Transmission During Oral Sex

    You can lower your chances of giving or getting STDs during oral sex. Use a condom, dental dam or other barrier methods every time you have oral sex.

    • For oral sex on the penis:
    • Use plastic condoms if you or your partner is allergic to latex.
  • Use a dental dam.
  • If you are having sex, you can lower your chances of getting an STD by:

    • Being in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with a partner who does not have an STD .
    • Using latex condoms the right way every time you have sex.

    Its important to remember that many people with an STD may be unaware of their infection. STDs often have no symptoms and are unrecognized.

    If you are having sex, ask your healthcare provider to test you regularly for STDs and HIV. Talk openly with your provider about activities that might put you at risk for an STD, including oral sex. You also should talk to your partner about STDs. Free and low-cost options for testing are available in your area.

    Patel et al. AIDS. 2014 Jun 19 28: 15091519.

    Chandra A, Mosher WD, Copen C, Sionean C. Sexual behavior, sexual attraction, and sexual identity in the United States: data from the 2006-2008 National Survey of Family Growth. 36, 1-36. 2011. Hyattsville, MD, National Center for Health Statistics. National health statistics reports.

    Sparling PF, Swartz MN, Musher DM, Healy BP. Clinical Manifestations of Syphilis. In: Holmes KK, Sparling PF, Stamm WE et al., eds. Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Fourth ed. New York: McGraw-Hill 2008 662-684.

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